Chief banishes man, family from Bole for disrespecting him

A Fulani resident in Bole has been banished from the spot and its environs adhering to gross disrespect for the of the space and his alleged steady involvement in criminal pursuits.

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Kunja Fulani who was banished by the Bolewura,  Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) who collectively with subordinate Chiefs in the Bole Conventional Location via a unanimous decision directed him to vacates the town in a week or incur their wrath in accordance to Chief’s Spokesperson on Bole-Centered Nkiligi Fm.

By the directive, the embattled Fulani male has been barred
from  visiting or dwelling in communities inside of
the Bole Standard Place like Banda Nkwanta, Sawla, Tuna, Kalba amid
other people.

Kunja Fulani is alleged to be regularly causing problems and is also mentioned to be the mastermind of thieving conditions in the Bole region with his syndicate

The Palace of the Bolewura stated the conclusion became vital right after Kunja’s children not long ago stole objects from 1 male known as Yakubu in Bole and when he was invited to Bolewura’s Palace he exhibited gross disrespect indicating he does not know any Main in Bole.

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Later on he was despatched to the Palace and advised to launch the stolen things stolen but he grossly disobeyed the Chiefs orders angering the chiefs who have requested him to vacate the spot and thereafter notified the law enforcement about their decision. Zoure/2019

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