Over 20,000 youth gather for concert Encounter Love with SINACH

On Sunday 15th September, the , Sarbah Field  of College of Ghana played host to a single of the biggest party outside event in the institution’s background, to in excess of 20,000 at the Come across Enjoy .
With international Gospel music minister as headline act, this year’s live performance, fourth edition arrived off to a charged collecting of worship and expectation.

Weeks before the event, the excitement expressed on social media and on many campuses of other tertiary institutions such as Central University, Ghana Institute of Administration and General public Administration, University of Skilled Scientific tests and so forth. made a authentic desire to expertise what it was all about.

Pastor Enoch Ofori Boamah, Pastor of Christ Embassy Youth Church – Airport City preached with electric power to the youth, rightly highlighting scriptures to set their aim on the term of God and its electricity to create lasting success in their lives.

The anticipations of attendees had been certainly achieved as lots of gave their lives to Christ and produced a declaration to devote their lives to stroll in the intent of God.

Supporting sets came by way of the indefatigable Amen Choir of Christ Embassy Youth Church Airport Metropolis, D’Scepter, Ella Duncan-Williams King and numerous additional.

Face Enjoy Live performance is a soul-successful outreach initiative, organized periodically structured by Christ Embassy Youth Church – Airport Town.

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