GSA, Police Raid Chemical Producers At Odorkor

Staff of the Ghana Specifications Authority’s (GSA’s) and personnel of the Ghana Company have raided some men and women making unapproved pesticides, insecticides and household chemicals at South Odorkor, a suburb of Accra.

The raid became essential next stories from people that the operations of the men and women in issue were being posing wellbeing worries.

All through the Sunday morning raid, it was found that the brands of the products and solutions including Magic Insecticide Powder, ended up making use of a fake GSA Certification mark.

The raid led to arrest of 4 males like just one Isaac Atta-Baah and the speedy closure of the amenities concerned in the illegal producing.

The suspects are considered to be component of people in the illegal trade and he explained to the media the Magic Insecticide Powder for instance, is bought for GH¢ 2 for each pack and GH¢ 5 for a few packs.

Most of the amenities were picket makeshifts located within just the heart of residential enclaves in which scores of kids reside.

Some of the production facilities are situated close to the palace of Odorkor Main.

Leading the raid ended up complex employees of GSA and its Executive Director, Prof. Alex Dodoo.

Prof. Dodoo explained the functions of the companies have been posing critical risk to inhabitants, almost nothing that there was the need for significant motion in working with others engaged in this sort of activities.

Prof. Dodoo explained the manufacturers as prison syndicates.

He claimed the chemical substances are damaging and that residents of Odorkor are at threats of cancers and respiratory diseases.

GSA is the govt agency liable for building, publishing and promoting criteria.

BY Melvin Tarlue

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