Why The VGMA Ban Of Shatta Wale And Stonebowy Is A Slap To Music

Wale and Stonebwoy (image source : Facebook/Charles Nii Armah Mensah)

Ought to we choose songs

 on its benefit


by the artiste’s behaviour?

Really don’t expect to see or listen to of Shatta Wale or at the forthcoming VGMAs. Why? There is an lively ban on the two. Cause(s)? Properly, they behaved poorly at previous year’s function. But I’d somewhat not get into the track record tale below, which is reserved for an additional topic. So if you’ve been residing underneath a rock with blinders and earplugs on all this although, and cannot wait for that publish-up? Welcome back again from “Rockministan”, get to the nearest barbershop or the closest hair salon for that update.

Ok, so back again to the subject matter at hand. the ban precludes the two artistes from the participation, overall look and (I guess the use) of the awards plan indefinitely. Too severe? Didn’t go considerably sufficient? no matter what your posture and in spite of who you might blame for the shit-present that marred past year’s function that has gotten us right here, I implore you, be sure to hear me out.

My reaction to the ban was: ” What! What are they thinking?” even though I  scratched my scalp as I pondered the considered. Anything didn’t experience suitable. In the end I arrived at a thought, a verdict that sat very ideal with me: The ban is UNFAIR. But unfair to who? Unfair to the artwork and the individuals of mentioned art-kind, unfair to the spirit of audio, artistry and expertise. Presumably, this VGMA board is not comprised of stupid, corrupt, or unwell-intentioned folks. But what could motivate this kind of unfair coverage? We could possibly under no circumstances know. What I have established out listed here to do is to explain the motive(s) for my verdict.

Of course, as a personal group, the VGMA is inside it’s proper to determine who can and cannot participate in the awards ceremony. If they do nevertheless physical exercise this correct, it is to be predicted that inquiries of motive and soundness of final decision will arise, and solutions demanded. So there’s no query that the VGMA reserve this suitable, just as any member of the public has the ideal to tune in or out of the said celebration.

So then VGMA ban is all very well and good, appropriate? It’s possible, errm…..  but not quite. Training a proper isn’t often the smartest detail to do at all moments. Scenario in stage, the ban by the VGMA of the two artistes. My verdict of unfairness to the Shatta and Stonebowy ban is predicated on what the VGMA stands for, represents and how they need to be perceived.  In accordance to the VGMA’s individual internet site, their edict is:

⚪To honour and recognize musicians and other new music field gamers who introduced work(s) that created the most public enjoyment within just the calendar 12 months of the scheme.

⚪Provide an intercontinental platform via which the Ghanaian audio market can be accessed.

⚪To reward veteran musicians who have blazed the trail in the new music marketplace.

Likely by their mentioned objective, the VGMA ban is not just unfair but a violation of public faith, it defeats the very function for which they stand.

As an leisure sector award group, the VGMA has entrusted on by itself the accountability to be truthful and totally free for all participatory system for the objective of honouring our entertainers by benefit and solely based mostly on the art that defines the career.

To this conclude, the community expects that they reveal the impartial means to evaluate what songs or innovative perform most fulfills the thing to consider demands of the awards scheme in a good and impartial method. By creating all music appropriate for thing to consider and able of reward, irrespective of who the creator is, be they morally corrupt or pious saints, the purity of the art type is taken care of the advantage of the mental development secured. abiding by this sacred theory the art is left untainted.

It is not a truthful edict to segregate artwork from artwork in a competitive arrangement, not according to unique and universally approved tips but rather by an arbitrary code, avoid participation than to proceed to maintain a contest. How can the honor of “best in category” be deserving, when that specific genre has been deprived of the rigor of levels of competition from which the greatest is to be derived and the attending laurels bestowed?

If the VGMA organization feels so repulsed by the two artists or are deeply offended or ashamed by the incident at very last year’s celebration, and maintain them accountable for the unlucky disruption, the group reserves the appropriate to punitive motion. A honest illustration will be to dis-invite the two men and women from potential situations, until these types of time that penance is established. However, in which the organization errs and result in consternation among the community, casting a respectable shade of doubt as to the correct motive of the organization is the determination to preclude the do the job, the artwork, the audio of the two men and women from consideration. This one act flies in the encounter of any formerly perceived impartiality.

It is beautifully ok to prohibit the actual physical presence of Shatta Wale and Stonebowy at the award ceremony for very last year’s poor behavior (and if it took the nature of a criminal offense) or any individual else for that make a difference, as the group might see fit. But to ban the audio is blatantly unfair. To ban the music is sacrilegious to the ethos, the spirit of the art.

Art is an immutable human high quality not evenly distributed, and while we could possibly not specially approve of the vessel from which it will come in some cases, we simply cannot deny it is greatest high-quality when we come upon it. The banned people today are two of the a lot more talented artists in up to date Ghanaian tunes tradition, their tunes weighty on the social and entertainment scene, to expunge their perform from the new music awards party is to deny culture our suitable to honour the new music to which we have danced,  manufactured merry and sang together with, it denies us the entertainment worth of looking at the most effective of the very best contend, it interferes with record, muddies the waters of what the purity of art really should be, it creates an uneven aggressive system and its a robbery of our skill to totally partake in the estimation of the truly worth and value that all new music (with no exception) is to us, the client.

The VGMA owes to itself and has a obligation to seem and be introduced as an impartial system, to steer clear off the temptation to imagine of alone as some moral authority or a monolithic judge over the audio art, which is greatest left untouched, uncontrolled, untamed, un-curtailed.

It is significant, to recognize that the VGMA is not a songs regulatory establishment, a licensing authority nor an oversight physique. The VGMA is akin to a simple discipline suited for tillage in which seeds of all form are solid, left to expand or wither as they may possibly.

Why is it unfair to ban “a number of miscreants” from a prestigious audio awards function such as the VGMA is? For the reason that any individual so creatively gifted can develop one thing new of enjoyment price, singing, rapping and bless us with the most amazing music of our time, and if they do, they have earned reasonable participation “miscreant” or not, It’s songs, not behavior.

The VGMA ought to be mindful not to slight the resourceful folks whose really hard do the job, talent and enthusiasm butter its bread.

Authored by: Ivory Ari Ocean

Convey to: 0246449997

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