Folabi Nuel out with a new song of revival ‘Satisfied’ – (Audio, Video & Lyrics)

Nigerian gospel singer Folabi Nuel has produced a live recorded new gospel solitary titled ‘Satisfied’, a music you may take into consideration as a excellent medium for particular and congregational .

The carry to light the have to have for a personalized longing that only Jesus Christ can satisfy. It echoes the scripture in John where the Samaritan female experienced an face with Jesus with a assure of dwelling waters.

In accordance to the artist, the information in the music is summarized as an expression of honest drive and hunger for God

At the level wherever the congregation appeared to have been lifted to a further amount of motivation for extra of him, the singer smoothly fuses ‘Satisfied’ with the extremely preferred ‘Fill My Cup’ alongside one another, all talking the identical language.


Look at and be blessed!

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I will in no way be, in no way be happy
So right here I am, fill me up with your existence

I will hardly ever be, in no way be happy
So below I am, fill me up with your existence

I’m determined for far more, determined for far more
desperate for extra and additional and far more of you Lord

Fill my cup Lord
I carry it up Lord

come and quench the thirsting of my soul
Bread of heaven fill me till I want no more
fill my cup, fill it up and make me complete


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