KOD Complains Bitterly About FDA And It’s Not Funny

Well known Ghanaian broadcaster, Kofi Okyere Darko has lamented about the Meals and Drugs Authority’s ban placed on superstars from promoting alcoholic drinks.

In a submit sighted zionfelix.internet, KOD unveiled it has been hard for celebration organizers in the nation to get assistance from firms working in alcoholic merchandise.

He stated both equally Ghanaian stars and function organizers are struggling adhering to the Food and drug administration directive.

He also questioned individuals at dropping aspect as these organizations have settled on Nigerian famous people to advertise the merchandise.

KOD wrote on Facebook: “FDA says celebrities can not endorse alcoholic brands. Alcoholic manufacturer proprietor goes to Nigeria to get Naija celebs to endorse model. Who loses here….?

“We can’t even get these firms with price range to assistance our occasions. WE ARE Struggling PAAAAA ooooo. You are done with an party and people are like IT WAS Magnificent! If only they know what we go by to settle our expenses.”

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About 1000 students of TTU defer programmes due to non-payment of fees and registration

Takoradi, Feb. 24,
GNA – The Takoradi Complex College (TTU) has deferred about 1000 pupils
for non-payment of university costs and failure to sign-up for the semester.

In a assertion
signed by the Registrar, Mr. Moses Mclean Abnory and copied to the GNA
discussed that, 826 learners experienced deferred due to the failure
to sign-up for the second semester of the 2019/2020 tutorial 12 months.

He reported, “It
has usually been obligatory for learners to sign up for each semester as
stipulated in area 10 of the learners hand book”.

Mr Abnory indicated
that each individual pupils who failed to abide by that portion was regarded as not a
student and for that reason could be withdrawn.

On payment of costs,
the College Registrar mentioned the quantity was minimized from 75 p.c to 50
% on a plea by the Pupil Consultant Council (SRC) though the
period of time of was also prolonged from 6 September to 26 September, 2019
to give ample space for all college students to sign up.

The Registrar
stated that pupils on the authorities loan fund, NGO, MP ,Metropolitan,
Municipal and District Assembly scholarships, nonetheless, submitted their
scholarship award letters for owing diligence and ended up permitted to register.

He, on the other hand, refuted
promises that the non-payment of financial loans by the mortgage fund was the induce of the

Mr Abnory indicated
that some college students ended up unable to sign-up for the next semester for the reason that
their details for the initial semester was not captured in the college students administration
method, stressing that, ‘’TTU has not deferred any scholar but they have
deferred the programmes themselves’’.


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7 guys talk about why they leave after sex and their reasons will shock you

File photograph: A few

I have been asking myself this issue a whole lot of periods and I’ve also had good friends come to me, pretty much broken, with this exact same problem. You meet a pleasant gentleman now who ticks all the box of the variety of man you would appreciate to be with. He asks you out and mainly because you are madly in really like with him, you say indeed.

You have your common and would like the romantic relationship to grind slowly but somehow you drop your head and let on your own go. You have sexual intercourse with this gentleman and the upcoming day, his attitude towards the partnership can take a nose dive.

He does not call like he made use of to. He rarely texts you and takes a lot of persuasions right before he arrives all-around to see you. The indicators develop into extremely distinct that this man is no extra fascinated in the marriage but why should that materialize just soon after the sex? Before long, he leaves you with no any rationale and I’m not the only just one enduring this. So why do fellas alter and eventually go away immediately after sex?

I essential answers so I went hunting for it. I spoke with a large amount of guys it and they all have causes. As silly as some of the might sound, to them, they feel its cause ample to stroll absent.


I found a lady I imagined was fantastic for me. She experienced every thing I necessary in a lady magnificent, educated, has this grace in the way she carried herself about and cooks really very good meals. We have been alongside one another for about two months. At initial, she didn’t want to have sexual intercourse until I showed enough motivation. I was neat with that simply because I was in to stay. Just one night time, following she’d identified as me to see her at her spot, we had sexual intercourse. The sexual intercourse was excellent and all. It wasn’t significantly less than nearly anything I anticipated. We experienced a pretty fantastic night time with each other and I could see she was a pleased female that evening.

The times right after the sexual intercourse turned pretty unbearable. She required anything delivered for her with my funds. She kept inquiring for revenue at the the very least chance she experienced. That was when I determined to stay away from her. I’m a boy in like and not a lender to make withdrawals. I did not want to go away following sex but she improved. She saved asking and inquiring for a lot more funds so I remaining. She accused me on many instances that I left mainly because I’ve experienced what I required, but in true sense, it was not intercourse. It was her appetite for my money that drove me away and it just took place that I went absent just after sex.


The truth of the matter is, a person would usually give you extra consideration at the original levels of the marriage. We would like to generate impressions simply because ladies loved to be amazed. So I received this lady I was hanging all over with for some time. I did not have goals for the relationship but I also did not strategy to depart if all the things worked like how I wished it to go. Following sex, I expected her to decrease her anticipations of how generally I could be all over her.

She desired notice and a great deal of it. Truly, she preferred every thing to be just as it was from the beginning when we hadn’t experienced sexual intercourse, but I could not go on impressing her when there was no purpose to. Immediately after sexual intercourse, we lose steam, specifically when you have experienced a ton of sex and know every little thing about her. She held nagging me about not caring and not providing her adequate consideration like I utilized to and all that. I acquired fed up. I blocked her on Whatsapp and stopped buying her phone calls. I understood it was last but not least more than when I recognized she’d blocked me on Fb. What a reduction that was.


I would be very frank with you, commonly, I see a female and I start out to think she has a thing no other woman has at any time had. I can picture how intercourse with her would feel like and in some cases even envision issues that could only materialize in porn films. The way some women have on their own about and discuss about them selves, they give the perception that they could give you anything you would not have from any other female but you get to bed with her and all she gives you is the common factors you’ve been having all your everyday living. That kills the spark immediately. Life is too small to endure negative sex from whomever. When the sexual intercourse is bad, I transfer on.

Really do not get me wrong, I do not want you to suppose all I want in a woman is intercourse. Sexual intercourse is 1 of all those points but it ought to be superior than ordinary to get me to go to the future move with you.


I did not want to marry, at least not for now but she needed relationship so bad and even wished relationship to happen in the upcoming calendar year. We only fulfilled just about 3 months back and this woman was presently arranging the guest for our marriage ceremony. I constantly located a nice way to notify her to sluggish down for the reason that relationship can take time. She wouldn’t hear. She didn’t want to converse about something that doesn’t direct to relationship discussions. It acquired incredibly unexciting simply because we could not talk about everything else. I acquired frightened and remaining her. It had been three months presently and did not want to squander more of her time. It’s honest, ideal?


I had somebody I have dedicated to presently a woman I beloved so considerably and required to expend my lifetime with. In some way, this new woman arrived together. She was good and sport and gave the impact that she liked me so I made a decision to attempt my luck. Truly, Sexual intercourse was the aim from the get started. I experienced no other desires but to test and get her to mattress. It took me about 4 months to be capable to get her to sleep with me. She was pretty cautious and I respected that. I gave her the place to choose on what ever she wanted from us and she utilized that area quite nicely. Ultimately, she permitted sex.

It was brilliant, belief me. The best intercourse I’ve ever had in a prolonged time. I’d required her for a extended time. I suggest she was beautiful and all. She is aware of how to fulfill a male and is aware of how to go deeper on a male. But she preferred one thing I couldn’t give. She wished commitment. I was by now fully commited. I experienced to learn to enable her go. I pulled away following getting sex thrice or so occasions. It killed her but I could not do a lot about it.


She was beautiful in a gown right up until she went bare. I saw points I didn’t like about her human body but these things were packaged in attractive attire until I observed them throughout sex. What can a man do in this problem? I left and hardly ever named her all over again. I imagine I did absolutely nothing erroneous and I’m not responsible due to the fact believe in me, if she discovered out for the duration of sexual intercourse that I was less than-endowed, she could have still left me much too. I tried not to waste her time and I did the ideal detail for her and myself by leaving.


Women leave me pondering, specially the wonderful ones. You get a lady now and tomorrow yet another appears with intriguing attributes. I’m generally wondering “how would it experience like to be with such a girl? See, she has massive boobs than who I’m with. How does it come to feel like to fondle big boobs?” Ideas like these drive me on and after possessing the feel of massive boobs I explain to myself “so that is all? Is that all there is to significant boobs?” Then I shift on. Mine has to do with satisfying curiosity.

So you see, women, it is not our fault that they go absent. Generally it is far more about them than it is about us. Quit blaming you and questioning your truly worth just since of a male who went absent. They did not leave just due to the fact you did them any wrong they still left due to the fact they created the selection to. They had come into your life with a drive and typically depart when it is fulfilled. Why don’t they test, at the very least a minimal little bit harder to assistance obtain alternatives to what is it that they imagined was incorrect?

Whoever leaves your existence didn’t deserve to be there in the very first put. You trusted them and realized that they are not really worth your have confidence in, is not that enough cause to be joyful about their leaving? Halt crying and be the lady who appreciates her well worth and is aware what she’s searching for in lifetime.

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Hard Truths About Pastors – DailyGuide Network

THERE IS the way to heaven. A genuine pastor is aware that way. To know that way is tantamount to understanding Christ. is the only way to heaven. And when a pastor is aware of Christ, he details men and women to Him. And when he points men and women to of Nazareth, he in fact potential customers them to heaven.” May God bless, shield and reinforce all pastors who are diligently getting ready souls for everlasting salvation.

A particular person who is the way to heaven will have to be one particular who pre-existed in heaven, came from heaven to the earth, preached to pave the way to heaven, ascended to heaven and shall return from heaven to choose the elect of God to heaven on an appointed working day. To qualify as the way to heaven, the particular person need to have the power and authority of life and resurrection. And with no controversy, only Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the way to heaven.

Look at out! There is only just one area your pastor may get you to. Yes, your pastor may perhaps possibly get you to heaven or hell – the locations of all mankind. But your pastor has a divine duty to lead you to heaven and this is his major assignment.

Any pastor who vegetation a church and mounts its signboards with his shots to market himself as if he is the operator of the church is very pleased. It is scripturally incorrect and administratively incorrect for a pastor, a mortal guy and servant, to establish a church all around his identify. The church belongs to Christ so it should be developed close to and in the title of Christ Jesus as it is published, “And whichever you do, in phrase or deed, do anything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ…” (Colossians 3: 17).

Any pastor who refuses to read through the books or hear to the teachings of other pastors is very pleased. Any pastor who tends to make his congregants worship him is very pleased. Any pastor who puts on biblically unapproved clothing to distinguish himself from his congregants is proud. Any pastor who sits in a meeting completely to be regarded and revered is very pleased. Any pastor who preaches about income far more than Christ Jesus is happy and straying.

Additionally, any pastor who does not lessen and make Christ boost is happy. Any pastor who will take curiosity usually in officiating weddings, but asks his associates or assistants to see to the baptism of believers is proud in the sight of God. Any pastor who is involved about the beauty of a church constructing significantly far more than the splendor of a believer’s soul is very pleased and straying from the audio understanding of Christ.

Any pastor who imitates one thing he sees one more pastor undertaking with out in search of the will of God regarding it is proud and demonstrating a poor romance with God. Also, any pastor who does not train and introduce Christ Jesus as the Owner of the church he oversees is very pleased. Any pastor who does not study to clearly show himself authorized unto God so that he can rightly divide the Phrase of truth is very pleased.

Any pastor who buys ordination in purchase to be put in a ministry office environment and get honourific titles is very pleased. Any minister who pays income to be consecrated a bishop, or apostle wondering that the business of a bishop or apostle is excellent to the office of a teacher, evangelist or is happy and ignorant.

Eventually, any pastor who individually lobbies to be introduced and recognized at public features is happy. Any pastor who flaunts his cars and trucks and mansions in the media to increase his self-esteem is very pleased. Any pastor who cleverly puts in put some programs to command respect is happy. Any pastor who can’t stand correction and competition or value the marketing of his affiliate is happy.

Many prophets nowadays have to have non secular instructions much more than the persons they give instructions to simply because they on own are misplaced. Lots of pastors in our era need to have salvation far more than the people they preach to due to the fact they by themselves are not saved.

Numerous ministers in our time will need prayers extra than the men and women they pray for simply because they by themselves have weak or no romance with Jesus Christ. May God increase a new generation of ministers anointed with the Holy Spirit and energy to confront sin and error in the church of Jesus Christ nowadays.

In simple fact, many Christians would improve their pastors without delay if they invest good quality time to research the Bible and pray. When you diligently research the Bible under the direction of the Holy Spirit and in prayer, you will have God’s viewpoint about who your pastor truly is. You will know regardless of whether your pastor is a servant of God, a servant of the satan or a servant of man.

The Bible is not a pastor’s handbook it is the Phrase of God for all youngsters of God to research and live by. It is not right to be a man or woman of prayer devoid of getting a human being of the Word. We will have to pray, research and do the Term of God at the identical time. So enable us analyze our Bible for expertise of God, obedience and salvation.

Believers rejoice when a pastor purchases a parcel of land, places up a beautiful creating, fills it with top quality chairs and equip it with strong musical instrument and cameras. But God and His angels rejoice when a pastor helps make a sinner repent, feeds them to increase up spiritually to conform to the impression of Christ to be introduced to Christ Jesus on the Working day of Judgment.


By James Quansah

This report originally appeared on:https://dailyguidenetwork.com/tricky-truths-about-pastors-2/

Dawhenya residents complain about the daily early morning gridlock

The folks who use the street to get to the motorway are complaining the undesirable point out of targeted traffic they have to get as a result of to get to do the job each .

The publish Dawhenya people complain about the day-to-day early early morning gridlock appeared first on Citinewsroom – Thorough Information in Ghana, Existing Affairs, Small business News , Headlines, Ghana Athletics, Amusement, Politics, Articles, Thoughts, Viral Content material.

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Rema Tells Apple Music About His Collaboration With Rvssian on “Beamer (Bad Boys)”

Rema is on the go over of New Songs Everyday today on Apple Songs. He speaks to Zane Lowe about his with Rvssian on “Beamer (Bad Boys)” and discusses the calendar year in advance and the new technology of Afrobeat artists. He also speaks about his friends (Santi, Joey, Fireboy) and his job of mixing cultures in his .

Video clip | Rema Apple Music About His Collaboration With Rvssian on “Beamer (Lousy Boys)”

Audio | Rema Tells Apple New music About His Collaboration With Rvssian on “Beamer (Lousy Boys)”

Rema Tells Apple Audio About The Coming Yr And The New Generation of Afrobeat Artists…
“First of all, I want to thank God. A whole lot of significant stuff coming through this 12 months. You know, it’s a, it is the new era coming out, you know, new era of Afrobeat artists and I’m glad to be between them and I’m happy to, you know, share my music with the environment and it’s a non secular and unpredicted vibe that is likely to hit the globe this yr and, um, I want the world to prepare for it, yeah.”

Rema Tells Apple Audio The This means of His Identify and Giving Individuals Audio That Feels Like It is From One more Dimension…
“I never want to be boxed, also, I don’t want to give today what they anticipate mainly because, you know, I’m accomplishing me. I really do not want to adhere to the, the s- the identical routes or the identical line, I just want to give today, you know, some thing else, a little something religious, one thing from an additional dimension. You know, my identify Rema indicates a revelation from another dimension. So I want to continue to keep up with that identify, I want to hold up with that vibe, that energy. Persons who find it difficult to acknowledge it, I just feel they will need a lot more time, or they need to increase to that degree or condition of mind.”

Rema Tells Apple New music About His Part and Mixing Cultures…
“Every solitary artist, you know, have their, their roles to engage in in the military of the new era. Me, I’m the undesirable commando. Which is what I simply call myself, yeah. And, um, my job is to essentially, you know, mix vibes and I want to share the, you know, vulnerability of Afrobeats through mixing cultures alongside one another.”

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Female Netizen Blasts Fameye For Showing Concern About Ogidi Brown’s illness But It Ends In Tears For Her (+Screenshots)

Musician Fameye has been dropping sympathetic messages less than the put up of his former manager and manager, Ogidi Brown who has discovered that he is significantly ill.

Even so, it would seem these messages from the “Mati” hitmaker do not sit perfectly with a female netizen who in all probability adopted keenly their the latest social media impasse.

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Reacting to a person of Fameye’s remark below 1 of Ogidi Brown’s posts to give his followers an update his wellness problem, the lady gave it to Fameye serious challenging.

In the reported submit of Ogidi Brown, he wrote: “Am continue to below obtaining treatment, things are receiving better, God bless you all for your prayers..” which attracted his previous signee to react with “🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️.”

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The netizen with whose name is Ephyia Darko sighting Fameye’s reply labeled him as a wizard, whose sympathy was not needed.

She wrote: @fameye_new music wtf masa komot for there what are u undertaking below wizard” 

Study ALSO: I’ll Campaign For Akufo Addo More than And Over Once again – Actress Publicly Declares

Even even though Fameye acted maturely and ignored her, some of his followers did not spare the woman.

See Screenshots underneath for their reactions

This report to begin with appeared on:https://www.zionfelix.web/feminine-netizen--fameye-for-showing-worry-about-ogidi-browns-ailment-but-it-ends-in-tears-for-her-screenshots/

Mercy Chinwo talks about the Love of Jesus in new song ‘Obinasom’

Expressing is all that ’s Day is about and award-successful singer Mercy Chinwo thought it clever to remind all and sundry of the Love of God expressed by way of our Lord in her new track ‘Obinasom’.

‘Obinasom’ is a very simple Igbo expression which signifies ‘My Heart’s happy’, telling the total tale of where is Mercy is coming from – A area of peace and contentment with Christ Jesus as she proclaims to all.

This new track comes as a solitary off Mercy’s future new undertaking scheduled for release in April this yr in a a great deal-predicted party dubbed Mercy Chinwo Reside in Live performance and Album Release.

Mercy adds Obinasom to her at any time developed record of hits these as Extra Enjoy, Bor Ekom, Akamdinelu and more.

What Ghanaians Are Saying About Dr Osei Kwame Despite’s Son’s Glamorous Wedding

The lavish marriage of Osei, the son of Ghanaian organization magnate, Osei Kwame Irrespective of and Tracy Ameyaw is however the hot talking point in Ghana.

Lots of Ghanaian social media consumers have expressed their shock about the display screen of prosperity at the ceremony.

The high-class vehicles, shipping and delivery of the couple rings by a drone and many additional has pressured persons to start off an on line discussion.

Persons who had been amazed with the total ceremony hoped to faucet into a blessing like what was exhibited by Kennedy and Tracy.

On the hand, other buyers who commented on a video clip of the day ceremony shared on Zionfelix’s Instagram web page reported the glamorous day of Kennedy Osei and Tracy Osei is placing pressure on them.

The vibrant ceremony took position at the Faith Presbyterian Church in Shiashi in Accra on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

Read some of the reviews down below.

sista.afia: All right now enable me just die 😂😂.

vanillabae6633: I tap into this wonderful prospect to be Graced

wilherminaasantemensah: This one particular de3 it has occurred several times in my church lol

naaatsweitennis: Some ppl are the natural way born with terrific 👍 destiny’s , do not envy them cOs God have a phrase regarding their lives prior to they arrived to this environment 🌍 which is Tracy the recently bride

abynaa_sika: Ahba😭😭….woni Sikaa wos3 kelewele ma jaundice😒…

i_am_achievement_1: Really do not come n give us force biaa 😂😂 

iamansonggeorge: Hustle ooo my brother😂
Dollars is Very good

myx_asante_gyeabour: Am going offline until subsequent 7 days …eeei hmmmm 

adelle._esi: This is added ah😂😂😂😂😂3de3ben nkoaa

offei44: I tap into this Grace

kwesi_philip1: Right after God ! Ebi Revenue

qwaskoftown: Eiii eiii who say dollars no good

If people can talk about the most-viewed videos on YouTube, why can’t I also publish the most-read wedding story on my blog?

11 years in the past, I started off a journey in cyberspace that aligned alone to a occupation path, which I by no means could have imagined. In the procedure, I aided to create an on-line phenomenon that took celebrity and pop society to new heights in Ghana.

Nowadays my web site has turn into a chief in the publication of enjoyment and life style news.  From aspects on transferring services you may well want when moving into you desire workplace or home, to building payments for staff members in your modest-scale business enterprise, I have finished it all.

With the yrs of currently being a chief with this kind of potent on the web property, I thought or believed I had built these kinds of an authoritative brand name that would let me to share exciting stats with the community, this kind of as the most-examine marriage ceremony tale among others.

So in the heat of the trending marriage of the son of Ghanaian company mogul, Dr Osei Kwame Inspite of, I made a decision to share the point that Kennedy Osei’s marriage ceremony to Tracy Ameyaw experienced about-taken that of actor Majid Michel, to grow to be the most-go through wedding day story on my blog site.

Kennedy Osei’s wedding beats Majid Michel’s 5-yr-old history to turn into most read through Ghanaian marriage ceremony tale on AmeyawDebrah.com

In the report, released that right up until recently, the renewal of vows in between actor Majid Michel and Virna just after 10 several years of marriage, held the title for most-examine marriage tale on the weblog. The ceremony, which was held at the La Palm Royal Beach front resort, on August 1, 2015, amassed in excess of 35,000 the working day it was revealed reside from the celebration floor. It has because gathered above a full of 223,107 views.

The protection of the traditional wedding day for Kennedy, who is at this time the Standard Supervisor of Even with Media, amassed 66, 774 sights in just the to start with day of publication. I assumed this could be an appealing read for most individuals but relatively I was strike with criticisms specifically on Facebook as however I experienced in contrast the homecare solutions that the Osei loved ones take pleasure in to that of Majid Michel and his spouse, Virna.

Possibly a lot of people did not browse past the headline to get the full target of the posting and then went ahead to comment, due to the fact as Ghanaians we appreciate to assess points unnecessarily – a trait that is clearly not exhibited on my blog site!

And for those people who go through the full article but continue to had undesirable points to say about it, I come to feel it was mainly because they really do not believe that Ghanaian brands these types of as our personal has the authority to communicate in this sort of a fashion.

This bring me to the concentrate in this blog site post…why is it that men and women make information about the most-seen content on platforms these types of as and other individuals, but can’t refer to the most-seen material on a platform this sort of as AmeyawDebrah.com, which has been the hub for all the things pop culture in Ghana, for the past 11 a long time?

Ameyaw Debrah Media is a leader in the provision of an array of entertaining content material throughout on-line platforms. With Ameyaw Debrah’s sturdy assets across Twitter (810,000 followers), Facebook (378,000 followers) and Instagram (383,000), we make an ordinary of 15 million impressions just about every thirty day period across social media. Our blog, www.ameyawdebrah.com also reaches an ordinary of 300,0000 exclusive readers just about every thirty day period.

Ameyaw Television, our on line online video content provider, is quick starting to be a house title with our wealthy and cautiously curated articles which includes news, interviews, occasions, way of living exhibits and additional.  We have a developing YouTube channel with a subscriber-base of 14,500 and an common monthly viewership of 200,000.

Ameyaw TV’s Instagram site has 109,000 followers with weekly impressions and arrive at averaging at 500,000 and 100,000 respectively.  We also have a expanding existence on Twitter (4,000 followers) and Facebook (31,000 followers).

With all these property merged, we supply a loaded platform for companies to organically reach a excellent audience of both the young and old as a result of PR content articles, social media engagements, banner advertising and marketing, advertising on Ameyaw Television set content and extra.

Radio Presenter Okatakyie Afrifa Brags About Tall List Of Companies He Owns

Ghanaian actor and radio , Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah has boasted the range of companies he owns.

The Satisfied FM political present host described Ahenfie Grooming which properties manicure and pedicure device, Men’s Don Selection Centre and Ahenfie dishes. He is also into farming and owns a construction firm.

He disclosed this to Zion Felix at the opening of Ahenfie Grooming, a present day barbering store located at Dome Born Once more in Accra.

Okatakyie Afrifa explained his outfit stands out from the crowd as they apply professionalism and healthy ethics to their perform.

He stressed that the barber donning a glove and nose mask assist to stop the spread of diseases.

The radio presenter certain buyers of owning worth for dollars right they have opted for their products and services. As a gentleman for the masses, he explained their costs are very reasonably priced.

When he was questioned whether he has any intentions of quitting radio quickly, Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah explained no, with the explanation that he will do the radio work till demise.

Look at Okatakyie’s interview with Zion Felix below.

Here Are 5 Facts About Tracy, Wife Of Dr. Kwame Despite’s Son, Kennedy Osei You Need To Know

It was all glitz, glamour and extravagant autos at Trassaco estate as the Typical Manager of Inspite of Media and son of Ghanaian small business mogul, Dr. Osei Inspite of, Osei traditionally married his girlfriend Tracy yesterday..

Right here are 5 info we have gathered the wonderful Tracy who has come to be the envy of quite a few women for grabbing Dr. Kwame Despite’s Son, Kennedy Osei.

#1. Her total name is Tracy Akosua Gyamfua Ameyaw.

#2. She is a professional manner designer who analyzed Vogue at Radford University Higher education in Accra.

#3. Tracy is at this time doing the job as a style designer and illustrator at Saf Dieu─an rising Ghanaian manner brand name.

Have to See: In this article Are Photos & Films From Dr. Kwame Despite’s Son, Kennedy Osei And Tracy’s Classic Marriage ceremony Ceremony

#4. She is 24 yrs previous.

#5. She’s aspiring to be 1 of the leading notch manner designers in the entire world.

Music Download: Mercy Chinwo talks about the Love of Jesus in new song ‘Obinasom’

Expressing Adore is all that Valentine’s Working day is about and award-profitable singer Mercy Chinwo assumed it clever to remind all and sundry of the Adore of God expressed by way of our Lord in her new ‘Obinasom’.

‘Obinasom’ is a straightforward Igbo expression which suggests ‘My Heart’s happy’, telling the whole tale of exactly where is Mercy is coming from – A area of peace and contentment with Christ Jesus as she proclaims to all.

This new song will come as a single off Mercy’s upcoming new job scheduled for release in April this 12 months in a a great deal-anticipated celebration dubbed Mercy Stay in Live performance and Album Release.

Mercy provides Obinasom to her ever developed checklist of hits tunes this sort of as Extra Adore, Bor Ekom, Akamdinelu and more.


Verify out movie under and down load audio

Download AUDIO



Don’t Miss out on



Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about love


’s Day is the day of enjoy. On February 14, extra than any other day of the year, romantic partners shower greater 50 % with items and tokens of appreciation.

A lot about Valentine’s Working day is effectively known. The handwritten playing cards, chocolate hearts, and pink roses are all staples of the annual tradition, recognized easily at any comfort keep. Even so, substantially about how the vacation came to be remains a secret, information dropped to time and transformed as romantics retold historical past. Not only does this holiday getaway have competing origin tales, but there are at minimum two various saints who could possibly be its namesake. Here’s what we actually know about Valentine’s Day.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Was Valentine’s Day motivated by a bash, an execution, or a poem? Historians are not confident.

The earliest attainable origin tale of Valentine’s Day is the pagan getaway Lupercalia. Happening for centuries in the middle of February, the holiday getaway celebrates fertility. Guys would strip naked and sacrifice a goat and doggy. Youthful boys would then consider strips of cover from the sacrificed animals and use it to whip youthful women, to boost fertility.

Lupercalia was well-known and just one of the couple of pagan vacations nonetheless celebrated 150 yrs Christianity was legalized in the Roman Empire.

When Pope Gelasius came to energy in the late fifth century he set an conclude to Lupercalia. Soon after, the Catholic church declared February 14 to be a day of feasts to rejoice the martyred Saint Valentine.

In accordance to Noel Lenski, a historian at the College of Colorado at Boulder, Lupercalia was “clearly a extremely popular thing, even in an ecosystem exactly where the Christians are seeking to shut it down.” In an interview with NPR Lenski theorizes that the feast was meant to swap Lupercalia. “So there is motive to imagine that the Christians may as an alternative have said, okay, we’ll just connect with this a Christian pageant,” he said.

How did it become a romantic holiday break?

Apart from the name, these feasts share very little resemblance to our contemporary, passionate notions of Valentine’s Day.

By some accounts, the legitimate origin of Valentine’s Working day didn’t come for another thousand several years. Jack B. Oruch, a professor at the College of Kansas, argues that the poet Geoffrey Chaucer was the very first individual to backlink Valentine’s Day to romance in his poem The Parlement of Foules.

Oruch suggests that Chaucer could have linked Valentine’s Working day to romance extra or considerably less by chance—Valentine’s Day is somewhere around the time when European birds get started mating. Later on poets, including Shakespeare, followed Chaucer’s direct and aided develop the intimate connotations we have these days.

Who was St. Valentine?

By some estimations there are about 10,800 saints, of which there are much more than 30 Valentines and even a couple of Valentinas. Two Valentines stand out as most likely candidates for the namesake saint, but neither dealt with issues of the coronary heart.

The two Valentines share many similarities, foremost some researchers to ponder irrespective of whether they were the exact same man. Both of those Valentines were martyrs, put to demise by the Roman Emperor Claudius in the 3rd century. Both of those men had been also claimed to have died on February 14, despite the fact that decades aside.

The first Valentine was a priest who was arrested during the Roman persecutions of Christians. When brought in advance of the emperor, Valentine refused to renounce his faith and as punishment was positioned beneath household arrest. The head of the residence keeping Valentine challenged the priest to show the true electrical power of God. Soon, Valentine restored sight to a young blind woman and the full house converted. As soon as phrase of the wonder and conversion achieved the Emperor, Valentine was executed.

The second priest, Bishop Valentine of Terni, was also a miracle worker. Recognised for his ability to mend physical disabilities, a scholar sent for the bishop to mend his only son, who could not communicate or straighten his human body. After a night time of prayer, the bishop healed the boy—and the relatives, along with browsing students, transformed to Christianity. Soon just after the bishop was arrested for his miracles and, after refusing to transform to paganism, beheaded.

How do persons rejoice?

Now, most lovebirds exchange gifts like candy, jewelry, bouquets, and cards on Valentine’s Day.

Bouquets of roses are bought on Valentine’s Day in a flower shop in Nairobi, Kenya.

The first Valentine’s Working day card dates to 1415 when the Duke of Orléans sent a card to his spouse even though he was a prisoner in the Tower of London. In the United States, Valentine’s Day cards did not gain level of popularity right until the Groundbreaking War, when men and women took up the practice of creating handwritten notes to their sweethearts. It was only in the early 1900s that playing cards have been mass-produced for the holiday getaway.

Though getting global popularity, Valentine’s Day is nonetheless not commonly celebrated in international locations like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia. In most of people nations, the holiday getaway contradicts aspects of their faith. Having said that, some international locations resist Valentine’s Day for political factors. In India, some conservative political events oppose Valentine’s Working day mainly because they consider the holiday getaway promotes Western values.

No matter if you celebrate Valentine’s Working day or not (by preference, fate, or or else), our capacity to enjoy has linked people for centuries—from the Romans to now. Confident we may no for a longer time whip every other with sacrificial hides, but we all get pleasure from treating (and becoming addressed by) people we really like.