Your uncle Danquah not my father’s co-equal

Daughter of Prof. K.A. , Ghana’s previous Primary Minister, Nana Afua Dream , has asserted that the College of Ghana deserves to be named immediately after her , introducing that Akufo-Addo’s assert that the University of Ghana must be named immediately after Nana Joseph Kwame Kyeretwie Boakye is fallacious.

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She states that her father’s contributions to academia,
particularly at the College of Ghana puts him nicely in advance of J.B Danquah  who was statesman, pan-Africanist, scholar, attorney, historian and one particular of the
founding fathers of Ghana.

Afua Busia accuses the President of making an attempt to pilfer
valor and company from Prof Busia so as to Dr Danquah over Prof Busia.

In an open up letter to the President, she cites a investigation
perform by 3 professors that concludes that J.B Danquah was not the founder of
the College of Ghana.

There has been widespread controversy about the renaming of
some general public universities after folks joined to the New Patriotic Party( NPP).
Lately, the University of Vitality and Natural Sources was named just after Prof
Busia to the disapproval of several.

For Afua Busia, it is the College of Ghana that should be named just after Prof Busia. She suspects that the President wishes to rename the College of Ghana soon after Danquah so as to put him over and earlier mentioned Prof Busia, who she opines deserves it.

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On the tradition of the NPP which is dubbed
Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition, Frema statements that it ought to have been Busia
custom, and that the addition of Danquah is to deny Prof Busia as the
Principal figurehead of the celebration that has sooner or later become the NPP. Zoure/2019

You can’t elevate your uncle Danquah over my father- Akosua Busia to Akufo-Addo

Daughter of previous nationalist chief and Prime Minister, Kofi Abrefa Busia  has taken on President Nana Addo Dankwa -Addo above tries to his uncle Dr. Nana Joseph Kwame Kyeretwie Boakye Danquah more than her .

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Nana Frema Busia in strongly worded message to the President months soon after the renaming of the University of Electrical power and Natural Sources (UENR) as K.A Busia College of Electrical power and Purely natural Means in honour of her father, accuses the president of looking for to bury the memory of a universal mental in only the Bono Location, exactly where he hails from.

 “Mr President, you are burying the legacy of a Universal Mental, Prof Busia in Bono. Bono may be his birthplace and his mortal remains are there but it is not the right area to confine his story in purchase to usurp Prof. Busia’s rightful put in the nationwide file.”, she reported in the letter sighted by

She miracles whether the renaming of general public vacations and
community universities is a ploy by the President to make Dr J.B. Danquah, an
uncle of the President the finest in the battle for Ghana’s independence.

The renaming of the University of Vitality and Normal
Resources sparked significantly controversy with some accusing the President of looking for
to job forebears of the New Patriotic Bash (NPP) unjustifiably.

In the ensuing brouhaha, a video clip of Nana Frema Busia
recorded a great deal earlier was aired by CITI Tv set in which she was heard stating the
greatest honour her father ( K.A. Busia) could get will be renaming the College
of Ghana soon after him and not some “quack” university.

This resulted in a deluge of criticisms and insults becoming unleashed on her.

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Her information to the President is her initially reaction because the
controversy more than the renaming of the College of Energy and Normal Methods

Browse entire textual content of her open up letter down below:

Your Excellency, with my greatest regard and most humble submission, I ought to like ‘Oman Adehye, Ghana fo nyinara’, my fellow suffering citizens, all brothers and sisters to get recognize that I, Nana Afua Frema Busia, have never created any comment about the College of Strength and Pure Methods (UENR).

Remember to hear ye, hear ye all and sundry, that quack politics in Ghana has very little to do with me. It has to do with politicians outdoing each and every other by destroying Ghana boot for boot with an aspect of Nkrumaist Conference People’s Party (CPP) camp rearing its head to permit Mr President know that the fight is a bodily struggle on the ground and not the Lord’s struggle.

Mr President, you have re-ignited a titanic UGCC /CPP struggle involving Dr J. B. Danquah and Dr Nkrumah right after the ‘Lords Victory’ by renaming public holiday seasons and intensified controversy about the Founder/s’ of our chaotic nation as however you are searching for to make Dr Danquah the best of them all?

This is what has built a faction within just the Nkrumaist camp livid. It is one these types of accusing you of revisionism who has re-enacted ‘the mutual annihilation violence’ of colonial- pre independence politics and thrown you an improvised ‘ bomb’ by circulating an ‘abducted’ and edited and unauthorised Citi FM online video clip of April 10, 2019 in the vacuous air.

Mr President, the dialogue with Bernard Avle was with regards to my father Dr Busia’s legacy and an announcement of my brother’s dying and a evaluation of his excellent part in academia like our tremendous papa, ‘the Prof’ of all Professors.

I advocated that naming the University of Ghana following my excellent father was extensive overdue. Mr Bernard Avle informed me that a college was meant to be named soon after him. I created a common remark not being aware of about any unique university under thought: I did say that ‘I do not want any compact or quack college to be named immediately after my father’. I am certain that you Mr President who phone him an icon and H.E. President J.A. Kufuor who just lately tearfully reported: “My grasp, why did they overthrow this sort of a fantastic gentleman?” All through the launch of the reserve K. A. Busia – A symbol of Democracy,’ [authored by Anane Agyei of the Busia Institute] need to concur with me or should to agree with me based on your individual assessments.

Mr President, was the unveiling of the e-book in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit by Madam Ama Busia, evoking the trinity of God a blasphemous or sacrilegious ritual for expedient public consumption? The effusive gratefulness expressed by the Busia Institute and its adjunct spokespersons for the naming of the University of Strength and Pure Assets immediately after Prof. Busia, expose their inordinate hypocrisy and complicity in compromising the honor because of Dr Busia for ulterior egocentric motives due to the fact there is a poignant unheeded loud cry in the ebook: The creator Anane-Agyei laments: ‘How fitting it would be, should the University of Ghana be renamed K.A. Busia University Of Ghana!

The first 3 copies auctioned for GH¢45,000 to Dr Bawumia who bought one particular for Himself and H. E., the President and Mr John Boadi also purchased just one for the New Patriotic Party (NPP). In spite of the raving evaluations and acclaim for their illustrious Son the e book has evidently not been study and its information not adhered to. ‘So considerably not so quite good’.

The e book, which explores Prof. Busia’s existence and works, also inaccurately characterises and edits his own daily life to assign him with two wives in his life time which is ironically not democratic for a symbol of democracy and also not the Truth. So, the e-book alone demands an rapid withdrawal and Revision of the maiden edition to tackle its inner falsehood, But, I digress.

Mr, President I have been unjustifiably berated and defamed in a typified ‘rush to judgment syndromes Ghana’ that does not treatment to know tacts.

In the primary Citi FM clip, I produced a rather harmless banal statement specifically four months in the past. Citi FM which is the repository of the unique audio as effectively as online video clip can confirm this manipulation of a typical remark to seemingly implement to the specific naming event on August 10, 2019 with an extra comment that I was combating revisionism!

It is Citi FM that owes moral and moral duty and perhaps authorized liability for not accomplishing a easy news product for which the video clip was supposed on April 10, 2019, but relatively using resourceful license to do a parody or lampooning movie clip, which is by itself an edit of a significant and emotive situation about Conserving Prof. Busia’s Intellectual and Political legacy which was set out without having my understanding or consent and was not even copied to me which has to my shock led to this Fake pas or nationwide brouhaha. I received the ‘original’ online video clip from Silver Springs, Maryland!

The Nkrumaist influenced edited model has so fueled a fury of pointless helter-skelter panicky and knee jerk commentary as even though our authorities is jittery. I actually do not know how a generic statement can be imputed Willy Nilly unless of course I was becoming prophetic in April about a college I did not know was likely to be named after my father in August.

This form of careless tirade is how individuals lose their lives in mob action. I have no qualms to state my impartial vital impression publicly in the substantive edition of this open up petition. What a Squander of Vitality and Normal Resources [pun intended] of the Peoples’ Intellect that must be Refocused from the Sidelines of Dishonesty to assessment some Critical truths! Mr President.

It is all the vociferous Commentators who owe me Profuse Apologies. Even in the edited variation of Citi FM’s online video clip which is alone an edit of the whole video they shot which has set me in a shooting range of unmerited assaults, has anyone heard me mention the university of Electrical power and Normal Sources in my feedback? Why is ‘quackness’ staying imputed to it on my traumatised behalf? It is Citi FM that ought to have corrected the destructive public notion. Probably Citi FM really should use this unjustifiable physical exercise in community abuse, to teach the media and alone on ethics in journalism as we aid their ideal efforts. In truth the Citi FM video clip which has been misused was intended to be a brief preview of an impending detailed Television set dialogue on Citi Television set.

Indeed on April 10, 2019, Citi FM place out a short of my advocacy concerning College of Ghana on their online portal which obtained about 10,000 views which is evidence that I have created no remark because.

The NPP government that is participating in ‘Minimalist Games’ though, must acquire be aware of the community curiosity electrical power in the Busia name.

The Key Minister kindly fed them when they were hungry and in famine. This is a re-enactment of NPP/ Danquah political custom selling ‘Joseph into Slavery for a Pittance’ or investing off Esau’s Birthright for Pottage’.

Mr President, you are burying the legacy of a Universal Intellectual, Prof Busia in Bono. Bono may well be his birthplace and his mortal continues to be are there, but it is not the suitable put to confine his tale in buy to usurp Prof. Busia’s rightful place in the countrywide historical history.

Consequently, Mr President, if you are not careful, this ‘assassination attempt’ on your political careerby the enraged CPP aspect may well be successful.

I am not amused by the resulting onslaught that has provoked me to make a definitive and conscientious objection to the naming of the college of Power and Purely natural Resources immediately after my father, Prof. K. A Busia.

What I know is that:“All issues perform alongside one another for fantastic for people who love the Lord, for these who are termed in accordance to his reason. For I will instead be a gate keeper at thy courts oh God than dwell in the tents of wickedness or the household of riches.”

Disrespectful presidential directive, Buying Sofoase Yefri loved ones of Wenchi, Prof. Busia’s maternal family members to be grateful by way of indirect invite to the Wenchi Conventional Council to virtually hop skip and soar in 4 days to go and sing praises about the government’s intention to name the College of Strength and Organic Assets right after ‘Your illustrious Son, Prof Kofi Abrefa Busia’.

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The federal government has no recognised handle for them? In a supposed Busia inclusive custom. The letter is written on 6th August for an function prepared for the 10th August. What was the preparing period of time of the 4th Congregation? When was the invite through the common council received? Do most of them reside in Wenchi? How can they be grateful for this window dressed dishonor? Exceeding thanks for focus Mr President. Kindly continue to be tuned for my substantive presentation. Zoure/2019

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“Awurade Boa me” which comes about to be the latest released by Selina Nti a.k.a Obaa Seli an emerging Gospel artiste in Kumasi has taken the airwaves by shock.

It would seem all in excess of radio stations in kumasi, most radio frequencies when tuned are actively playing this most up-to-date launch of the new Gospel album showcasing Oware Jnr.

The new album, “Awurade Boa me” which suggests Lord assist me produced by Nti Danquah displays the energy driving a Christian and is offered on Sound cloud, Audio mack and all social media platforms with the name Obaa Seli.

Pay attention to the audio and video clip beneath:

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