Here Are 5 Facts About Tracy, Wife Of Dr. Kwame Despite’s Son, Kennedy Osei You Need To Know

It was all glitz, glamour and extravagant autos at Trassaco estate as the Typical Manager of Inspite of Media and son of Ghanaian small business mogul, Dr. Osei Kwame Inspite of, Osei traditionally married his girlfriend yesterday..

Right here are 5 info we have gathered the wonderful Tracy who has come to be the envy of quite a few women for grabbing Dr. Kwame Despite’s Son, Kennedy Osei.

#1. Her total name is Tracy Akosua Gyamfua Ameyaw.

#2. She is a professional manner designer who analyzed Vogue at Radford University Higher education in Accra.

#3. Tracy is at this time doing the job as a style designer and illustrator at Saf Dieu─an rising Ghanaian manner brand name.

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#4. She is 24 yrs previous.

#5. She’s aspiring to be 1 of the leading notch manner designers in the entire world.

15 facts about Sarkodie’s Black Love album

With 4.65 million streams on Audiomack, &#8217s &#8216 Enjoy&#8217 is continue to making waves and the rapper has taken followers on the journey that led to the production of the . Using to Twitter, the award-winning rapper shared the stories driving the choice of artists highlighted on the , the recording approach as properly as the […]

‘Ill-informed’ Rawlings distorting facts on Avoke’s dismissal – UEW

Below is UEW’s full response to Mr :

The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has noted with utter dismay and shock comments by ex-President of the Republic of Ghana, Ft. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings during his address on the 38th Anniversary of 31st December Revolution at Winneba on what he deemed as social injustice and violation of human rights at our University.

The University deems the comments as unfortunate and a complete distortion of facts arising out of misinformation and/or a loss of touch with the developments at UEW over the last two years.  Indeed, the ex-President, in similar remarks a couple of months ago, waded into the issue from same ill-informed position and we, through our Public Relations Office, accordingly responded by educating him on the facts regarding the very issue he sought to bring into the public domain.

Since our ex-President has decided to go public again with same distorted facts, it is now becoming too obvious that ex-President Rawlings will rather tread the dangerous path of listening to a single story rather than trail the path that will lead to a revelation of truth and objectivity – two important fundamental principles that he claimed undergirded the revolution he led and commemorated in Winneba last Tuesday, December 31st, 2019.

The Management of the University of Education Winneba, therefore, wishes to educate the ex- President and free him from his ill-informed position on the UEW matter, and, as well, clarify the facts regarding such matters for the general public.

1. It is absolutely critical for members of the public and especially ex-President Rawlings to appreciate the fact that the of former Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mawutor , Dr. Theophilus Ackorlie, Ing. Daniel Tetteh, Mr. Frank Boateng, and Ms. Mary Dzimey had nothing to do with any Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) Report or any other report by a state agency. The of the aforementioned was based on the work of the Governing Council’s Fact-Finding Committee whose report made adverse findings and established a prima facie case of wrongful conduct against the and which, in accordance with the University of Education, Winneba Act, (2004) Act 672 and the University Statutes (2007) led to the establishment of a Disciplinary Board by the Governing Council of the University- the highest governance and decision-making body of the University- to afford the affected the opportunity to exculpate themselves. However, all attempts to get the affected persons to appear before the Disciplinary Board to defend themselves failed resulting in their on grounds of gross misconduct, among others, by the Governing Council. Indeed, the grounds for were clearly stated in their letters and same never made any reference to any external report from any investigative body, including EOCO.

2. If there ever was any form of injustice being done to affected staff as alluded to by former President J. J. Rawlings in his address, that injustice was masterminded and perpetrated by the affected officers onto themselves by refusing to appear before the Disciplinary Board established by the Governing Council to exculpate themselves of the adverse findings made against them by the Governing Council’s Fact-Finding Committee’s Report.

3. For the avoidance of doubt and the education of the general public, the Governing Council is the highest decision-making body of the University as enshrined under the Act (Act 672) that established the University. The Governing Council is the body seized with the power to employ, dismiss or discipline any staff within the institution. Indeed, the Supreme Court of Ghana, in an earlier ruling on 20th December, 2017 in the case of THE REPUBLIC VRS HIGH COURT, WINNEBA – RESPONDENT; EX PARTE: UNIVERSITY TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF GHANA (WINNEBA CHAPTER) – APPLICANT, SUPI KOFI KWAYERA – 1ST INTERESTED PARTY, UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA – 2ND INTERESTED PARTY, MINISTER OF EDUCATION – 3RD INTERESTED PARTY, affirmed the overriding powers of the Governing Council to make decisions under the Act. Therefore, any employee who willfully fails, in any form, to respond to summons of the Governing Council will surely be committing the gravest offence of gross misconduct as stipulated under the Statutes of the University. By willfully failing to appear before the Disciplinary Board established by the Governing Council, the former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mawutor Avoke showed gross disrespect to his employers and appointing authority and, consequently, engaged in the offence of gross misconduct. This was among the major acts of misconduct that resulted in his dismissal.

4. Indeed, the affected dismissed persons including Prof. Mawutor Avoke had, at various times and instances, challenged the decisions of the University from the High Court through to the Supreme Court and the courts had at every stage upheld the decisions of the University as having been made in accordance with due process and in line with the University’s Statutes and the laws of Ghana.

5. In the particular case alluded to by ex-President Rawlings, the affected officers chose a court of their own, the Cape Coast High Court 2 (even though there is a High Court in Winneba) and filed an originating motion for judicial review in the nature of certiorari, prohibition, mandamus, injunction and a declaration challenging the University’s decisions to subject them to disciplinary action. The same suit sought as many as 12 reliefs and prayed the Cape Coast High Court 2 as follows, among others:

a. That all decisions taken by the Governing Council of the 1st Respondent University in which the 3rd Respondent (the current Vice-Chancellor) participated were null and void, and of no legal effect.

b. That the Governing Council of the 1st Respondent University has no power to discipline the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Applicants (all the five affected officers including the former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mawutor Avoke) at first instance without initially being subjected to disciplinary process by the Vice-Chancellor or the holder of that office.

c. That the decision of the Governing Council of the 1st Respondent University dated 31st October, 2017, to suspend, or to interdict 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Applicants, or direct them to step aside was unreasonable, illegal and contrary to article 23 of the Constitution of Ghana and, thus null and void.

d. That the decision of the 1st Respondent University to pay only basic salary of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Applicants was illegal, null and void and of no legal effect.

e. That an order of mandamus be directed at the first Respondent University to reinstate the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Applicants.

6. The Cape Coast High Court 2 gave its landmark ruling on 11th November, 2019 to bring authoritative finality to the matter that had been pending before it since February, 2018. The High Court upheld the decisions of the University and dismissed all the 12 reliefs sought by the Applicants as unmeritorious.

7. Before dealing with the substantive matter, the Cape Coast High Court 2 had to first deal with an application that had been filed to arrest the ruling of the substantive matter originally scheduled for 31st July, 2019. In the application, the Applicants sought leave from the Court to bring to its judicial notice a document in the form of a report purporting to emanate from EOCO and which report the Applicants deemed material and very relevant to the substantive application. The High Court adjourned its scheduled ruling originally slated for 31st July, 2019 and granted leave for the applicants to file the said EOCO report for its judicial attention.

However, in its final ruling on the substantive case, the High Court described the so-called EOCO report as follows: “The report which was attached to the application is fraught with defects which will defy even the curative abilities of Order 81 of the High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules, 2004 (CI 47)…It lacked all the features of a formal document. It is as if an A4 sheet was picked and the contents printed on it and since such an informal document can be generated by any individual it cannot be admitted in this court of law as part of evidence in a ruling…The document will not pass any judicial discretionary test and I hereby dismiss this application to admit it in evidence”.

It is this same purported EOCO report which was dismissed by the Cape Coast High Court 2 as unmeritorious and failed to pass the least judicial test that is being used by the ex-President and his cohorts to call for the reinstatement of Prof. Mawutor Avoke and the other officers.

It is, therefore, surprising and unimaginable that ex- President J.J. Rawlings is requesting that this same EOCO report discredited as untenable by the Cape Coast High Court 2 should form the basis for reinstatement of Prof. Mawutor Avoke and the other officers who have been dismissed and also using this same EOCO report which has been dismissed by the Cape Coast High Court 2 to demand that the substantive Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, be made to step aside.

8. It also became abundantly clear to the Court and all interested parties that the so-called EOCO report, which was the basis of the former President’s claims against the University and the substantive Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, clearly seems not to exist in form or character.
It is one huge hoax being perpetrated by some disgruntled and mischief-seeking individuals of the public who have also succeeded in misleading the former President into a grand design of deception.

9. Nevertheless, we wish to state categorically that the University, and for that matter the Governing Council, has never applied to EOCO or any state investigative body to conduct investigations into the affairs of the affected officers or any staff. EOCO has not submitted any report to the University.  It bears reiteration that the dismissal of Prof. Mawutor Avoke and the four others was largely based on the Governing Council’s Fact-Finding Committee’s Report which led to the establishment of a Disciplinary Board. Logically the Disciplinary Board’s report was informed and guided by the Governing Council’s Fact Finding Committee’s Report and no other report as the ex-President has been erroneously suggesting in his utterances.

10. We also wish to bring to the notice of the general public some interesting revelations that occasioned the submission of the EOCO report in the Cape Coast High Court 2.  Applicants had earlier submitted the said purported EOCO report that no legal-minded person would put before any Superior Court of judicature: the said EOCO report had no signature of the officer issuing the report. However, the court granted leave for the Applicants to file the said EOCO report. It was, therefore, expected that the applicants would file a more authentic document that could be termed as EOCO report or at least could characterise as one that bears the signature of the issuing officer or authority. But surprisingly, three different versions of the same purported EOCO report in form, character, and substance were variously filed and submitted before the court by Counsel for the Applicants, Harold Atuguba, Esq., and Counsel for the second Respondent – Alexander Afenyo Markin, Esq. Counsel for the second Respondent averred and described the copy exhibited by the Counsel for the Applicants as not being original. He, however, exhibited what he claimed as original copy which was completely different from that of the Counsel for Applicant’s copy.

In effect what was filed and submitted by the Applicants to the Court as the authentic document or evidence in support of the required test of authenticity was even more weirdly embarrassing, to say the least.  The final version of the purported EOCO report attached and exhibited to the supplementary affidavit failed to meet all the requirements of authenticity including lack of signature.
Rather, the Applicants strangely chose to attach a letter written by ex-President J. J. Rawlings to the Minister of National Security and which was copied to the Chief of Staff, Chairman of Council of State, the President of the National House of Chiefs, the Minister of Education and the Member of Parliament for Efutu – Hon. Alexander Afenyo Markin, Esq.  who was the Counsel for the second Respondent- as evidence of the authenticity of the contested EOCO report.
Obviously, no Court would be amused by such flagrant abuse of its processes.   Consequently, the High Court dismissed the said EOCO report as having failed the minimum judicial muster of authenticity.

11. So, why has ex-President Rawlings become the latest advocate of an unworthy cause that is laden with mischief and fraud and has effectively been put at rest by the Cape Coast High Court 2? What does the ex-President seek to gain by advocating and championing the content of a non-existent or hoax EOCO report? Who is the proper party that is championing social injustice in this instance?

12. The University wishes to emphasise for the avoidance of doubt that any staff who has been disciplined in any form was taken through due process of the law as established under its Statutes. The attempt to pad the number of dismissals by ex-President Rawlings to make the Management of the University look bad in the eyes of the unsuspecting members of the public is most disingenuous and unfortunate. It must be put on record that the figure 20 representing the number of persons claimed by ex-President, J. J. Rawlings as having been dismissed by the University totally betrays his ignorance and the mischief of those who fed him with such lies.

13. The University, again, wishes to state clearly to the general public and, in particular, ex- President Jerry John Rawlings that, the ViceChancellor, Rev. Fr. Anthony Afful-Broni is NOT under any form of investigation; no prima facie case of wrongdoing or misconduct has been established against him; and, no disciplinary action has been initiated against him by the Governing Council to warrant his stepping aside. Therefore, the claim that he should be made to step aside is completely misplaced and remains the figment of the imagination of those who quickly desire to initiate social injustice into an institution where none exists.

14. At this juncture, it is imperative that we provide, for the general public and ex-President Rawlings in particular, additional information on some very important activities engaged in by the affected staff including Prof. Mawutor Avoke and which activities by themselves indict their cause. We are of the firm belief that if ex-President Rawlings was privy to these additional indicting activities (which, earlier, had widely been circulated by several leading media outlets) engaged in by the affected staff, he would have exercised unbridled restraint in going public with his uninformed position against the Governing Council and the Management of the University.

15. In March 2019, in accordance with our Statutes and following due process, three Lecturers were dismissed by the University for various acts that constituted gross misconduct. Soon after their dismissal, a small section of students, highly influenced by some very important external personalities as well as some of our own staff, engaged in acts of unrest leading to the destruction of public and private properties worth hundreds of thousands of Ghana cedis.

The Central Regional Security Council (REGSEC) intervened and closed down the University. However, following pleas from very important respected leaders and personalities from across the country, the Governing Council tempered justice with mercy and granted pardon to the dismissed Lecturers and reinstated them. The Governing Council further extended an olive branch to the other dismissed staff (including Prof. Mawutor Avoke and the other five dismissed Staff) by requesting that anyone who so wished could petition the Governing Council for a review of their case.

The Governing Council, nevertheless, indicated that such a request for review would be received and conducted on case-by-case basis. The extension of the olive branch was done at a time when Prof. Avoke and the five others, as well as some other affected staff had instituted various court actions against the University to challenge the disciplinary actions taken against them.

16. Upon the Governing Council’s reconciliatory gesture, the University went to Cape Coast High Court 2 on the next hearing date and, by way of judicial notice through a letter, informed the Court of the extended olive branch. The University, therefore, asked the Court to adjourn the case to afford the applicants the opportunity to take advantage of the olive branch and accordingly apply for a review of their case. However, Dr. Samuel Ofori-Bekoe, one of the applicants in another suit vehemently opposed the University’s request in open court. The Court took judicial notice of the University’s request and adjourned the case for one month to enable the affected staff (the Applicants) to take advantage of the olive branch extended by the University.

At the end of the one-month grace period, Dr. Ofori-Bekoe, Prof. Mawutor Avoke and the other applicants had refused to take advantage of the olive branch extended to them by the University. It was, therefore, clear that the affected staff were either not interested in any act of reconciliation or stoically so believed in their own cause that it had clothed them with some high level of intransigence and arrogance.  The case, therefore, continued to pend before the Courts as the Applicants engaged in other theatrics of contest, including press conferences and social media attacks, against the Governing Council and Management of the University.

17. While the applicants’ cases were pending before the Cape Coast High Court 2, and just before the penultimate hearing, counsel for the second Respondent- Alexander Afenyo Markin, Esq. was on radio, television and other social media trumpeting the exoneration of Prof. Mawutor Avoke upon which action they petitioned ex-President J. J. Rawlings to write to the Minister of National Security when they all knew that the case was pending before a Court of competent jurisdiction.

18. Furthermore, while the Applicants’ case was pending before the Cape Coast High Court 2, Professor Mawutor Avoke and the five others supported by Dr. Kaakyire Duku, Prof. Ephraim Avea-Nsoh and Dr. Emmanuel Osei Sarpong- beneficiaries of the Governing Council’s extended olive branch and act of pardon- and some other senior members, in a very weird, unthinkable and coup d’état-like manner, invaded the University with a purported Court Order to take over the administration. They assembled and took the main administration block hostage with the ultimate goal of resuming the various positions they occupied prior to their dismissals.

It later turned out that the purported Court Order was a hoax. It was an application against the University that had been filed but was yet to be served on the University. Yet, in a very fraudulent manner, they managed to use the hoax document to outwit the University Security checkpoints to perpetrate their diabolic agenda and hooliganism. This ludicrous behaviour of Prof. Avoke and the five others was committed at a time when their case against the University on their dismissal was still pending at the Cape Coast High Court 2.
It is obvious that these are individuals who do not believe in due process and the Rule of Law. They are individuals who believe in their own myopic idiosyncrasies no matter how fickle-minded, fraudulent, nauseating and greedy-laden they are. It took the strong efforts of Security personnel to drive them away from the UEW Council chamber where they had set-up for a press conference to announce their illegal and unlawful takeover of the University Administration.

19. Soon after the failed coup-d’état-like attempt to take over the administration of the University, the five affected staff led by Prof. Mawutor Avoke submitted a Petition on their dismissal to the Honourable Minister of Education, asking that their cases be reviewed for all of them to be reinstated. They accordingly apologized to the Minister of Education for their uncivilized act of taking over the administration of the University in a coup-d’état-like manner. Prof. Mawutor Avoke confessed that they were naïve in their act and pleaded with the Minister of Education for forgiveness of their misconduct by forcefully and unlawfully attempting to take over the administration of the University.  The Honourable Minister of Education accepted the Petition and promised to forward same to the Governing Council of the University for redress.

20. These are individuals who rush to Court for redress yet do not want to wait for the Court process to end but would rather prefer to use a fraudulent and hoax Court Order to attempt to forcefully and unlawfully hijack and terrorise the administration of the University.
Also, these are people who do not want to accept court rulings on cases they initiated – the very people whose cause ex-President Rawlings is deceptively championing with vehemence. We dare ask, are these behaviours and acts of Prof. Mawutor Avoke and the affected staff in line with the constitutive principles of accountability and social justice being trumpeted by the 31st December revolution which exPresident Jerry John Rawlings led?

21. The University further wishes to bring to the notice of ex-President Jerry John Rawlings and the general public that the term of office of Professor Mawutor Avoke as Vice-Chancellor of the University officially and effectively ended on 30th September 2019.

22. The Management of the University of Education, Winneba wishes to reiterate that while it cherishes the exercise of free speech as the solid foundation upon which Ghana’s democratic tenets are laid and sustained, and while the Management accepts that individuals can exercise these rights in various constructive forms upon our University, Management, nevertheless, admonishes members of the general public, especially persons who have risen to the dignified status of statesmen and women to exercise these rights with decorum, dedication, honesty and truthfulness and within the ambit of all the laws, rules and regulations necessary for the smooth and effective management and administration of our University.

Surv. Paul Osei-Barima, Esq.

Music Facts Ghana as Stonebwoy bags ‘Most Streamed Artiste’

Boomplay, the #1 new streaming services in Africa has named Stonebwoy the ‘Most Artiste’ in Ghana, in accordance to the introduced 2019 new Information sheet.

This makes it the second time in a row that Stonebwoy will be profitable this title, as he bagged the exact same in 2018.

The experiences introduced in the Music Information sheet are primarily based on knowledge from the tunes app, which has more than 60M+ people globally with around 4.4M from Ghana.

Tunes Info Ghana

Boomplay also offers of an expansive catalogue of in excess of 20M tracks and is accessible on iOS, Android and world wide web.

Shatta Wale and came in at 2nd and 3rd respectively with Kwesi Arthur, Kuami Eugene and King Promise next in that regard.

Wendy Shay and Joyce Blessing also produced it to the list, coming in at 7th and 8th while Daddy Lumba and mounting star Fameye got the 9th and 10th positions.

Boomplay also collected info for the Most Streamed Tunes as effectively as albums, in which Stonebwoy’s ‘Epistles of Mama’ topped with King Promise’s ‘As Promised’ and Kuami Eugene’s ‘Rockstar’ scooping 2nd and 3rd spot for most streamed album.

Music Points Ghana

The service also introduced some insights on Ghanaian streaming culture and songs preferences. From the info sheet, Gospel Tunes tops the listing of Ghana’s most streamed genre with Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Dancehall and Highlife coming soon after.

See underneath, the full checklist under of the Boomplay 2019 Music Points Ghana.

Did your favourite artist, track, album or playlist make it?

Allow us know!

Boomplay Presents: 2019 Music Facts Ghana as Stonebwoy bags ‘Most Streamed Artiste’ for two years running

Boomplay, the #1 audio streaming assistance in Africa has named Stonebwoy the ‘Most Streamed ’ in Ghana, in accordance to the released 2019 new Info sheet.

This can make it the 2nd time in a row that Stonebwoy will be winning this title, as he bagged the same in 2018.

The stories presented in the New music Points sheet are dependent on information from the audio app, which has around 60M+ customers globally with more than 4.4M from Ghana.

Songs Info Ghana

Boomplay also boasts of an expansive catalogue of around 20M tracks and is offered on iOS, Android and net.

Wale and Sarkodie came in at second and 3rd respectively with Kwesi Arthur, Kuami Eugene and King Guarantee next in that regard.

Wendy Shay and Joyce Blessing also made it to the record, coming in at 7th and 8th although Daddy Lumba and growing star Fameye acquired the 9th and 10th positions.

Boomplay also collected facts for the Most Streamed Music as very well as albums, in which Stonebwoy’s ‘Epistles of Mama’ topped with King Promise’s ‘As Promised’ and Kuami Eugene’s ‘Rockstar’ scooping 2nd and 3rd location for most-streamed .

Music Info Ghana

The company also launched some insights on Ghanaian streaming tradition and new music tastes. From the details sheet, Gospel Audio tops the listing of Ghana’s most-streamed genre with Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Dancehall and Highlife coming immediately after.

See underneath, the complete listing beneath of the Boomplay 2019 New music Information Ghana.

Did your favourite artist, tune, album or playlist make it?

Correction Of Misinformation On The Facts

The National Commission for Civic Instruction (NCCE) states it has mentioned with issue misinformation in some media reportage(s) misinforming the community on the upcoming 17th December 2019 Nationwide Referendum.

In accordance to a statement signed by the Director, Communication and Company Affairs, Joyce Afutu, the upcoming elections is not to elect Metropolitan

Municipal District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) as disseminated before.

The statement explained “The Commission wishes to explain that the 2019 Nationwide Referendum is to allow citizens to vote on the proposed modification of Write-up 55 (3) of the 1992 Constitution that at this time bars political get-togethers from collaborating in District Degree Elections (DLEs).

She also included that the proposed modification is to introduce multi-celebration participation in the Area Federal government Process in .

Down below is a duplicate of the complete launch:

For Quick Release


The Nationwide Fee for Civic Schooling (NCCE) has noted with problem misinformation in the media that the 17th December, 2019 Countrywide Referendum is to elect Metropolitan Municipal District Chief Executives (MMDCEs). The Commission wishes to clarify that the 2019 National Referendum is to help citizens to vote on the proposed amendment of Article 55 (3) of the 1992 Structure that now bars political parties from collaborating in District Degree Elections (DLEs). The proposed amendment is to introduce multi-bash participation in the Regional Federal government Procedure in Ghana.

Article 55 (3) states that: “…Subject to the provisions of this Posting, a political occasion is no cost to take part in shaping the political will of the people, to disseminate facts on political suggestions, social and financial programmes of a countrywide character, and sponsor candidates for elections to any general public workplace other than to District Assemblies or decreased neighborhood authorities units”. This is an entrenched provision which can only be amended by means of a Referendum which

for every Posting 290(4) can be accredited when at the very least 40% of individuals entitled to vote, vote at the referendum and at minimum 75% of the individuals who vote cast their votes in favour of passing the monthly bill.

As issued by Electoral Fee (EC), the Referendum concern will seem on the ballot paper as: Are you in favour of the Bill to amend Clause 3 of Posting 55 of the 1992 Constitution to allow Political Functions to sponsor Candidates for election to District Assemblies or Lower Regional Authorities Units”? The citizens may perhaps vote Sure (colour coded Yellow) or NO (color coded Darkish Brown).

The modification of Posting 243 (1), a non-entrenched provision does not demand a referendum. It states that: “…There shall be a District Main for every single district who shall be appointed by the President with the prior approval of not a lot less than two-thirds greater part of users of the Assembly present and voting at the meeting…” Parliament is currently in the course of action of amending this write-up to help qualified citizens to elect their MMDCEs.

A thriving modification of Write-up 55 (3) indicates that, political get-togethers would be equipped to sponsor candidates for election to District Assemblies or Reduced Regional Federal government Models. The end result of the Nationwide Referendum will have possibly of the adhering to outcomes: If the voters votes

Certainly, election of MMDCEs, Assembly and Unit Committee Associates in the close to future will be on partisan foundation. If they vote NO, then the election of candidates for the area degree elections will be on non-partisan foundation as currently being practiced now.

The erroneous information and facts may perhaps lead to confusion on the working day of election, when citizens do not see a concern that relates to the election of MMDCEs. NCCE, as a result, urges the media to acquire notice of this critical clarification and teach the common public correctly. The Commission reiterates that the Referendum for the proposed modification of Post 55(3) is to both vote Of course, to let political social gathering participation in Area Governance or NO, not to permit political celebration participation in Area Governance.


Joyce Afutu (Mrs.)

(Director, Communication and Company Affairs)

The Hidden Facts About What Do Physics Engineers Do Exposed by an Expert

A Mystery Weapon for What Do Do

In different regimes, but the excess weight cost savings of fractal patterns may possibly be smaller. If you’re late and skip this training, you aren’t heading to be in a situation to choose section in the action. Mechanical engineers style and design a broad range of products, like toys, turbines, and spacecraft.

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Exploration is on-heading to come across out the character of in-activity torque. Structural engineers ought to be in a posture to issue in the numerous traits and strengths delivered by suggests of a assortment of developing elements, and know how to include assist beams, columns and foundations. Think all the technological units which you use on a usual basis.

Hello, Science is helpful in just about every expression in each day lifetime at the time we take in when we go current market on the auto when we… To transform into a vet you must have understanding of the animals overall body. government/ There are at minimum 10,000 more customers of the societies that are graduate college students or in diverse classes, and in addition, there are mathematicians that are not users of at least 1 of these societies. These are the types of issues that solar physicists attempt to reply.

The crucial issue is attained though the cg is no extended about the base of guidance. For physics graduates, there’s scope to function alongside other experts so as to create new strategies and items. Unfortunatley after you get to the response the individual will start off asking queries which you won’t be in a situation to reply.

Essential exams will follow close to 1 7 days from the summary of the specific substance, apart from all through the final week of the education system. Physics majors should to be prepared to acquire calculus in their extremely initially semester at Pacific, and it is encouraged they take significant university physics and chemistry. Only the most recent quality is utilized to estimate EPHR.

When you make a bachelors degree in physics and you are nevertheless developing your experience, you can qualify for some or all the solutions explained in this article. https://buyessay.web/assignment-assist/ Substantially of its content material is equivalent to the old AP Physics B plan. Higher education and corporation recruiters understand the worthy of of physics education.

The Advantages of What Do Physics Engineers Do

In situation the touchscreen a portion of an set up, like an ATM, some portion of our overall body is the most very likely in make contact with with an electrical floor. Likely to university may well be one of the routes to turn into into engineering, even so it is not the only route. Some chemical engineers do the job more than 40 hrs weekly.

The Discussion Around What Do Physics Engineers Do

This has at any time been the absolute most difficult portion of physics and engineering, and a deficiency of in general self esteem in the arithmetic exacerbates the issues. This page will contain a string of physics classes developed to instruct the fundamentals of true-globe physics. As an example, in huge nuclear fission reactors, there is ordinarily a huge setup equivalent to this.

It’s what is not but been incorporated in the standard model, or everything which may possibly contradict it, that physicists are browsing for. For example, a photon is imagined to be a particle of gentle. A person has to regulate the massive particle accelerators which are an essential portion of a number of scientific research experiments.

Utilizing What Do Physics Engineers Do

Achievement in higher faculty physics is thought to be an sign of academic maturity and ability. A graduate assistantship is a amazing chance to acquire meaningful professional working experience when helping include the fees of your diploma. During this class teamwork and communication is heading to be designed and your mathematical capabilities will be put to the check.

Slide designers also have a couple predictable bodily ideas in their favor. Engineers frequently get the job done on assignments, so 1 working day could be fairly diverse from the subsequent, centered on which part of the job it is. Lists are an huge section of standard everyday living.

Issues You Should really Know About What Do Physics Engineers Do

Seismologists try to do the job out how and why earthquakes happen. An specific have to have an understanding of the way the production treatment impacts the ecosystem and the safety of workers and shoppers. Almost all chemical engineers work full minute.

Finding out how to produce into a physicist entails establishing a great comprehension of scientific research tactics and mathematical principles. It will assist to get pc programming experience. For example, the physicist Lord Kelvin played a important part in the engineering of the really first transatlantic telegraph cable.

There are a number of different locations of engineering. Clearly, work for physics majors are provided across a large variety of industries. For instance, a bio-engineer doing the job on the engineering of organic units would demand an fantastic comprehension of biology.

Engineers then have to deal with the people, procedures and machinery involved with finishing a challenge. Physics can be divided up into regions of examine that concentration more closely on specific sides of the subject. It is a quite intensive science with numerous occupation paths from which to choose.

College students will have the ability to transfer for review in a large variety of engineering disciplines like civil, electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering. Challenges which use these numerical strategies are positioned at the summary of quite a few Chapters. Pc programs may well also be beneficial.

The 2nd method is to source you with the instruments to work out what’s likely on for your self from basic rules. Figuring out simple physics ideas can make you seem wise ahead of your manager or a day. Please just take a very little time to consider about to think about what you have completed today.

In the review of physics, there are several different components to measure and different forms of measurement equipment. When it can seem to be an exceptionally simple notion, the outputs will want to coincide with the inputs. By comparison, a uncertain determine is a digit that might not be accurate.

6 Facts About Everyone Thinks Are True

The Importance Of Obtaining Insurance plan

Insurance policy is the go over that just one requires for their daily life or home so that in scenario of any hazard or sudden point takes place, it will be effectively taken treatment of. When a single owns buildings and cars and trucks, they have to insure them for the reason that no just one can identify the time that an accident will come . Some persons very own industrial buildings in which people today hire to do their companies. types of individuals and corporations must ensure that the setting up is insured. The importance of insurance need to be created recognised to men and women so that they can be equipped to guarantee their attributes. Some men and women don&#8217t see the have to have till an incident takes place and they don&#8217t have insurance to consider care of that. Men and women should not wait around for some thing negative to come about right before observing the significance of coverage. The relevance of insurance policies is spelled out underneath.

To lessen the cost to be incurred soon after an incident. If a industrial making catches fireplace and the setting up is ruined, the insurance policy plays a significant portion in building positive that the developing is fixed and if it can not be repaired, the dollars they give will enable establish a new making. This enables the owner not to be a lot disturbed since the situation is nicely taken care of. In a scenario the place a single does not have insurance plan, they will conclude up shelling out a large amount of dollars for the developing to arrive again up and some could stop up providing up on the making simply because they do not have the required money. Owning insurance plan can help lessen the dollars a person will have to increase for maintenance to be finished following an accident.

It aids just one when they want to borrow cash. Prior to a loan provider gives income to a business individual, they have to make guaranteed that the company is secured. This provides them assurance that in situation something happens the small business will be introduced back up and they will be ready to acquire their dollars again. Commercial structures and organizations that are not insured come across a hard time when it comes to having financial loans simply because the loan providers do not want to just take the risk of staying in a position they simply cannot be paid mainly because of an accident. Companies should make sure that they are insured so that they can accessibility financial loans to broaden their businesses.

a single peace of thoughts. People normally have peace when they are certain that anything is taken treatment of. When an accident takes place and just one does not have cash, they may possibly conclusion up remaining pressured and some even come to be frustrated and this prospects to providing up. When one particular has invested a great deal of funds in a professional constructing and has not gotten the wanted return and a fire occurs and it burns down, a human being can simply expertise high ranges of melancholy and some go to an extent of needing clinical notice. In a circumstance exactly where insurance policies was taken all this can be avoided simply because a person will report what transpired to the insurance policies agency and they will be ready to acquire care of the injury.

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Why Aren&#8217t As Lousy As You Assume

Photo: Facts you must know about Wilmar Limited

Kwame Wiafe

Wilmar  is a Singaporean transnational business and a primary integral agro-organization with more than 50 firms and 850 producing vegetation across the world.

The organization is existing in 16 African nations around the world and has used more than 11,000 folks in the bid of improving upon their typical of living.

Wilmar Constrained is one particular of the trusted brand names in oil creation, and their small business actions include an oil refinery, oil palm cultivation, shea nut processing, oilseed crushing, edible oil refining, buyer pack edible oils processing and merchandising.

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According to the Common Supervisor, Kwame Wiafe, Wilmar gained the Platinum Taxpayers awards owing to its significant contribution to the income sector, stating that they are a ‘major booster of the Ghanaian economic system with a contribution of 170 million Ghana Cedis.

Frytol cholesterol-cost-free oil is a subsidiary of the built-in agro-company which is also the top brand name of cooking oil in Ghana. 

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Wilmar purchased more than Frytol from Unilever in 2010 and has given that improved its high-quality and creation coupled with its variety of products including Fortune rice, Alife and Jamaa Laundry bar soaps.

Wilmar Ghana limited was rated 9th in the top rated 100 firms by the Ghana Financial commitment Advertising Centre and is also the ideal company in Agri-Small business sector as declared by the Affiliation of Ghana Industries.

The company Organisation is purchaser-oriented and has introduced the ‘Akyedie Soronko’ marketing to reward deserving wholesalers.

Supply: Abigail Bonney

10 FACTS About Shatta Bandle No One Told You About

This create-up is to drop far more light-weight on Bandle, the diminutive internet sensation rose to prominence on the again of his serial movies which portray him as a really loaded mogul and claims he’s far richer than Africa’s richest guy, Aliko Dangote.

The humorous midget who hails from the Northern portion of Ghana, exactly Tamale has admittedly managed to get the full online conversing about him, and don’t say we are exaggerating when we say he’s more popular in Nigeria than most Ghanaian and Naija artists mixed!

Originally, some Nigerians have been not catching the enjoyment drift and went overly overboard with insults aimed at him and all Ghanaians in typical.

But now he’s receiving all the large like from Nigerians as they continue on to push him and specific their admiration for him as they drop variety terms for him whenever he drops all those his strain- reliever of video clips.

How properly do you know Shatta Bandle even though? See underneath:

#1. He only turned popular following some Nigerian weblogs drop extra light-weight on his video clips. Just set, Nigerians manufactured him preferred right before his fame distribute to his individual country, Ghana.

#2. His age is unfamiliar but we know for a truth that he’s in his 20s.

#3. A rich Ghanaian person by identify Nana Kojo Boateng aka Dada Joe Remix is Shatta Bandle’s principal sponsor.

#4. Shatta Bandle is from the Northern aspect of Ghana.

#5. His real title is Firdaus Idrissu.

#6. He’s a massive fan of Wizkid of Nigeria.

#7. He dropped his entrance teeth in an incident.

#8. Immigration in Nigeria ended up all more than him and hailing him when he visited the place not long ago.

#9. Shatta Bandle experienced experienced no official training.

#10. He loves to jam to Wizkid’s most of the time.



9 FACTS About Robert Mugabe You Probably Did Not Know

Former Zimbabwean president, Gabriel died earlier today at age of 95.

The former dictator was a hero and a beacon of Pan Africanism right up until the insatiable thirst for power and greed manufactured him a villain in the political record textbooks.

How very well do you know Robert Mugabe, apart the funny memes and estimates which are ridiculously attributed to him when he was alive?


#1. In 1958, Mugabe moved to to operate at St Mary’s Instructor Coaching School in Takoradi. He taught at Apowa Secondary Faculty, also at Takoradi, soon after acquiring his nearby certification at Achimota School.

#2. Mugabe later on claimed that it was in Ghana that he eventually embraced Marxism.

#3. He commenced a relationship with a Ghanaian lady, Sally Hayfron, who worked at the higher education and shared his political pursuits and later turned his spouse, his 1st spouse for that issue.

#4. In March 1964 he was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment.

#5. Mugabe’s to start with his son died of encephalitis at the age of 3. Mugabe was grief-stricken and requested a depart of absence to go to his spouse in Ghana. He by no means forgave the jail authorities for refusing this ask for.

#6. Mugabe survived two assassination attempts. In the initial, which took place on 6 February, a grenade was thrown at his Mount Nice property, where it exploded towards a backyard wall. In the second, on 10 February, a roadside bomb exploded near his motorcade as he still left a Fort Victoria rally. Mugabe himself was unharmed. Mugabe accused the Rhodesian security forces of staying liable for assaults.

#7. He turned a Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in 1980.

#8. Through his early lifestyle he had an procedure on his genitals which produced rumours that he experienced only a single testicle or 50 percent a penis these kinds of rumours were being utilised by opponents to ridicule him and by supporters to bolster the assert that he was inclined to make severe sacrifices for the groundbreaking cause.

#9. Even though married to Hayfron (his Ghanaian wife), in 1987 Mugabe started an added-marital affair with his secretary, Grace Marufu she was 41 years his junior and at the time was married to Stanley Goreraza. In 1988 she bore Mugabe a daughter, Bona, and in 1990 a son, Robert.

Details from Wikipedia was also made use of in this report.


8 Facts About Eric Duah, The Man Who Killed 2 Police Officers At Kasoa

Couple times ago, a single younger person referred to as Eric Duah dominated local and intercontinental tabloids soon after he overtly killed two Ghanaian cops who had been discharging their motor targeted traffic duty past 7 days Wednesday on the street at Budumburam, a suburb of .

According an eyewitness, who saw all the things that transpired amongst Eric and the on that fateful working day, when the officer approached the suspect, who was driving the unregistered blue/black Toyota Camry automobile in an attempt to arrest him, the law enforcement officer initially slapped the suspect in the facial area.

The suspect, in flip, went to his car underneath the pretence of using out income from the car or truck in accordance to the eyewitness, but introduced out the gun and fired at the law enforcement officer.

In a radio interview Thursday early morning, the eyewitness reported the law enforcement officer then took to his heels and headed in direction of the grocery shop in which the eyewitness and two other people had been.

The officer, who was then bleeding profusely reportedly urged the eyewitnesses to choose address and they did so by hiding guiding a fridge inside the grocery shop.

The suspect, according to the eyewitness entered the store and ordered them out right after which he shot once more at the police officer.

Here’s are some exciting points Eric Duah and his motive driving the ugly killing:

#1. Several law enforcement officers in Budumburam and adjoining suburbs are his pals.

#2. He’s married and has two youngsters.

#3. He sells motor bikes has on a number of situations brandished his gun (the a single he utilised for the murder) threateningly in excess of a disputed land at Dansoman.

#4. He lived in his individual condominium which was bequeathed to him immediately after the loss of life of his mother and pastor, the late Elizabeth Boateng, in 2017.

#5. He is the only son of a pastor and founder of a church.

#6. He was on his way to the Volta Location en route Atimpoku close to Akosombo in the Eastern Area when he was nabbed on Saturday.  

#7. He claimed one of the officers he killed was the just one who murdered his mother.

&. He has a law enforcement officer as a tenant in his home.


Both Badu Kobi And His Wife Are Ashantis – Find Out Interesting Facts About The Controversial Man OF God

Founder and chief of the Superb Wave Worldwide Church, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has been trending this complete week.

The guy of God had mentioned Ashanti women are greedy and only treatment houses and prosperity in marriages.

Apparently, social media people, mainly the Ashantis have not taken his remark possible at all.

They have been blasting him for these kinds of a foul remark

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GhanaCelebrities.Com has thus dived deeper to provide you sure you need to know about Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

Prophet Badu Kobi is an Ashanti.

The gentleman of God unveiled his tribe in one particular of the videos exactly where he slammed Ashanti gals.

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Badu Kobi’s spouse is also an Ashanti

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi’s spouse affectionately known as Mama Gloria is also an Ashanti, even although the actual position she arrives from has not been unveiled.

Badu Kobi as soon as served as a junior pastor below Owusu Bempah

According to Badu Kobi, he as soon as served less than Owusu Bempah who utilised to be his Godfather.

He’s noted Owusu Bempah welcomed him when he very first arrived from Kumasi to Accra as a younger ‘pastor’.

Having said that, the two are not neat any longer. They are stated to be at loggerheads in excess of some undisclosed problems.

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Badu Kobi’s enterprises

Sources expose that Badu Kobi owns a car or truck garage and numerous shops across Accra and Kumasi.

This is not stunning since he’s designed headlines to have gifted a car or truck to some users of his church on two situations.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

10 facts about NDC’s Ex-Executive Secretary to Fmr. IGP you did not know

News about Superintendent Peter Lanchene Tuub’s decision to contest the Wa West Constituency parliamentary primary of the opposition Countrywide Democratic Congress (NDC) came to colleagues and Ghanaians as one particular of the largest surprises of 2019.

Also Study: You have Humiliated the Law enforcement – NPP MP to resigned IGP’s Govt Secretary has been digging into the character of the previous police chief who has laid down his uniform and ventured into politics sparking media conversations from the political divide

The beneath info will guide individuals who do not know about the hard-chatting Cop.

  1. He was born on 6th August 1968             
  2. He joined the Police Provider on  15th November1992
  3. Superintendent Peter Lanchene Tuub joined the service as a recruit
  4. He is previous Vandal
  5. He was promoted DSP on 1st July 2017.
  6. His Training course in the Law enforcement provider is 43.
  7. On 1st July 2018 he was promoted based mostly on unique advice to Superintendent by the sacked Inspector Typical of Law enforcement David Asante Apeatu
  8. He retired  voluntarily in May well 2019
  9. He was accountable for compiling all the security briefs for the Inspector Typical of Law enforcement (IGP)
  10. His choice to enter politics and on the ticket of the NDC begun 10 yrs in the past next strain from constituents.

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The previous law enforcement officer will lock horns with veteran
politician, Hon Joseph Yiele Chireh who is the the incumbent lawmaker for the
space and a former Minister of Local Governing administration and Rural Development.

Resource: /Stephen Zoure/2019

2019 AFCON Preview: Fun facts in numbers

DStvand GOtv viewers get completely ready to feast your eyes on some amazing football, coming straight from our continent as the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations draws to a near. Held in Egypt from 21 June to 19 July there will undoubtedly be a recreation for all people to take pleasure in. Right here is a fast look at the most salient quantities behind the impending match.

1 –The 2019 will be the first version of the match to function Online video Assistant Referees (VAR).

4– Egypt has hosted the AFCON on 4 preceding situations: 1959 (gained by Egypt), 1974 (received by Zaire), 1986 (gained by Egypt) and 2006 (won by Egypt).

8/1/2019– The day on which the Confederation of African Football selected Egypt as the new host nation for the 2019 AFCON, obtaining previously stripped Cameroon of host position.

3– The quantity of teams which will be producing their AFCON finals debut in 2019: Madagascar, Burundi and Mauritania.

1980 – The yr in which Tanzania past appeared in the AFCON. They will be creating just their 2nd match visual appeal at the 2019 finals.

6– The quantity of various venues which will be applied at the 2019 AFCON: Cairo Worldwide Stadium 30 June Stadium, Cairo Al Salaam Stadium, Cairo Alexandria Stadium Suez Stadium Ismailia Stadium.

74,100– The seating potential of the Cairo Worldwide Stadium, the most significant venue for the 2019 AFCON and the stadium at which equally the opening match and closing will be played.

32– This will be the 32ndedition of the AFCON.

7 – Egypt have won a history seven AFCON titles (1957, 1959, 1986, 1998, 2006, 2008 & 2010).

24– The history amount of AFCON appearances, held by Egypt. The Pharaohs also hold the all-time tournament documents for the best variety of matches performed (96), wins (54), plans scored (159) and consecutive event wins (3).

3 – Should Herve Renard guide Morocco to the AFCON title, he will not only be a part of Charles Gyamfi and Hassan Shehata as a few-time winners as coach, but also come to be the 1st to do so with a few unique nations (his 1st was with Zambia in 2012, followed by Ivory Coast in 2015).

18– The all-time report objective scorer in the record of the AFCON is Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o, who scored 18 objectives throughout six tournaments.

24– The amount of groups which will participate in the event, an growth from the aged format of 16 groups.

10– The number of previous champions current in the 2019 AFCON discipline: Egypt, Cameroon, , Nigeria, Ivory Coastline, DR Congo, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and South Africa.

4– The selection of former AFCON champions which did not qualify for the 2019 finals: Zambia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Congo Brazzaville.

4.5million– The prize funds in US bucks which will be awarded to the 2019 AFCON winners.

52– The range of matches which will be held at the 2019 AFCON – all live on SuperSport, your ‘World of Champions’.

99 – The record for the most goals in an AFCON match, established at the 2008 edition in Ghana. With an expanded structure, the 2019 finals should eclipse that mark.

For the hottest information, fixtures and effects from the 2019 WWC, head to SuperSport’s match web page.

Also, stop by DStvand GOtvfor unmatched soccer leisure and www.supersport.comfor all impending fixtures.

Breakdown of What is Really Happening to Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1) and His Menzgold- The Raw FACTS

Above the past 12 months or so, Ghana and its CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, have been the target of a barrage of attacks that have still left a single of the most patronized neighborhood organizations in disaster, its CEO in custody and tons of clients in economical issues.

The confluence of occasions required for the current point out of affairs to take place are amazing and yet someway, it has managed to manifest.

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Despite cooperation from Menzgold on regulatory concerns, tries to retrieve significant sums of money by its CEO from a international organization and willingness to cooperate with law enforcement, Menzgold and Nana Appiah Mensah have been stymied at each and every switch, major to the recent problem with NAM 1 in Interpol custody in Dubai when he really should be free of charge to go after a large credit card debt owed him.

It appears to be strange but all attempts by Menzgold and its CEO to address its challenges are staying satisfied by resistance when he really should be assisted in its place.

To crystal clear the air present-day happenings in the circumstance, NAM 1’s legal professionals launched a document addressing the concern comprehensively and calling for an expedited answer.

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Down below are some of the raw details bordering Menzgold’s existing problem we have gleaned, displaying someone someplace is operating much too tricky to end NAM 1 from properly retrieving his income to shell out back buyers.

  1. Menzgold Ghana is now fighting a Dubai dependent organization to retrieve $39m owed to NAM 1 by this firm – Horizon Royal Diamond.
  2. Menzgold and Nana Appiah Mensah were being released to this company by members of the Financial and Structured Crimes Place of work (EOCO), form of guaranteeing their trustworthiness.
  3. Horizon went on to have out a gold deal really worth $39m with Menzgold, but issued fraudulent payment documents right after acquiring the gold.
  4. Just after regulatory overreach affected Menzgold Ghana, Nana Appiah Mensah travelled to Dubai to retrieve the cash owed him.
  5. Horizon Royal Diamond, to stay away from spending what they owed, described NAM 1 for fraud to the authorities main to his arrest.
  6. NAM 1 gained his court situation versus Horizon Royal, clearing him of all costs and instead profitable damages from the business who owed him cash.
  7. With the Dubai courts now on his side to award him a settlement and get him his revenue back, which would undoubtedly aid Menzgold prospects in Ghana, the Ghanaian government issued an Interpol pink notify for NAM 1.
  8. This was done regardless of Nana Appiah Mensah not currently being a fugitive and remaining in continuous call with Ghanaian federal government in the UAE.
  9. The purple recognize led to his arrest by Interpol in Dubai who are holding him for the governing administration of Ghana inspite of his aforementioned regular conversation with the identical.
  10. Nana Appiah Mensah has been held in custody previous 60 days as lawfully obligated by UAE Federal Legislation relating to Intercontinental Cooperation in judicial issues, rendering his recent incarceration unlawful and a breach of his elementary human legal rights.
  11. Nana Appiah Mensah’s incarceration is now instantly preventing him from retrieving the monies owed him from Horizon, which would allow the extensive-operating Menzgold saga in Ghana to occur to a satisfactory end for all prospects.

What we can tell from these facts…

Nana Appiah Mensah could be released from his illegal incarceration in the Emirates via one phone phone from the government of Ghana.

Nonetheless, regardless of his latest incarceration – even though he has no felony liability in the UAE – remaining detrimental to the direct interests of Menzgold prospects who govt statements to want to help, the phone is not forthcoming and Horizon Royal Diamond go on to get away with the alleged fraud.

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From the graduation of this concern there are been several underhanded moves which hold Menzgold again from fixing its concerns and Nana Appiah Mensah’s present-day incarceration falls squarely in that bracket.

For now, he has assembled a crack authorized team both equally locally and internationally doing work all-around the clock to assure the regulation is adopted in the dealings with him heading ahead.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Five Important Facts About Menstruation You Never Knew

1.Are you an asthmatic ?Effectively guess what.Obtaining your period of time can worsen asthma indications:

In the 7 days leading up to your period of time, an amplified sensitivity to allergens, collectively with a lower-than-standard lung potential, results in amongst 19 and 40 p.c of women of all ages with asthma to encounter premenstrual asthma.

2. The seem of your voice modifications in the course of your time period:

Did you know that the reproductive hormones developed by ladies in the course of menstruation actually impression your vocal chords, altering your voice.Both to sounds quite relaxed and little or otherwise.

3. The average female has concerning 400 – 450 periods in her life time:

Involving the ordinary woman’s very first cycle and menopause, she has at the very least 400 menstrual flows. So the youthful ladies out there complaining . How much have you gone.

4. You most bleed a good deal much less than you imagine:

On average, a girl only loses 60 milliliters, or 2.7 ounces, of blood for the duration of just every menstrual period of time . Which is just two shot eyeglasses, or just a lot more than 16 teaspoons.So cease thinking all of your blood is concluded and you will need blood tonic.

5. Females invest far more dollars through your time period:

Women of all ages devote more funds and shopped much more impulsively when menstruating than throughout other phases of their cycle.

Kweku Baako Releases Facts To Show Hypocrisy in Galamsey Saga

Kweku Specifics To Demonstrate in Galamsey Saga
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