Music Producer Kin Dee Reveals What Exactly Happened When Kofi B And Ofori Amponsah Last Met In His Studio Last Year

Ghanaian producer, Kin Dee has disclosed he was working with the late Kofi B prior to his unexpected demise.

He told Zion Felix in an job interview on the ‘Uncut Show’ that practically nothing showed Ofori Amponsah and the deceased had issues when they satisfied at his studio.

According to him, they communicated like brothers and the type of adore they depicted did not present they experienced a rating to settle.

Kin Dee recounted meeting Kofi B about September to Oct final calendar year.

When he was requested about what he has missed about the ‘Mmobrowa’ singer, he pointed out the way he used to recommend him.

He disclosed that the late musician was working on a new album of which he [Kin Dee] was generating four (4) of the tracks his death.

Following the demise of Kofi B, a area of Ghanaians pointed fingers at Ofori Amponsah for having a hand in his loss of life immediately after a movie surfaced on-line that the latter threatened and cursed the deceased.

But on various instances, Ofori has debunked the rumours and even threatened to offer with these rumour-mongers by the law court.

Observe Kin Dee’s interview with Zion Felix under.

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Kwame Despite’s Son, Kennedy Osei’s Wedding; Here’s Is Everything That Happened

Trasaaco Period 2 Residence No. 25 was where by historical past was built on the 13th of February 2020 when the son of Osei ’s son, Kennedy Osie usually tied the knot with his fiance, Tracy.

The occasion was themed #KENCY2020 and was laden by glitz and quite a few glamourous scenes with classic and luxurious automobiles.

To the newlyweds, Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Tracy Osei, congratulations are in order.

They search fantastic alongside one another right?

Abeiku Santan was the MC

Fmr President ’s son was also current

Slide for additional pics

Exotic cars and trucks handed as a result of

Extra of it

The grand entrance

The bride will come

More of it

… and it turned to a party. Slide for additional.

The social gathering continued

The guests

Akwaboah Was there to serenade absolutely everyone


We bought a $1 house in Italy. Here’s what happened next

Morgane Guihot and her husband have almost completed the renovations on their €1 home in Mussomeli.
Morgane Guihot and her husband have almost completed the renovations on their €1 home in Mussomeli.

It seemed like a deal too good to be true. A new house — and potentially a whole new life — for sale in sunkissed rural Italy for the princely sum of just one euro, or little over a dollar.

Over the past year or so, numerous small towns from Sicily in the south to the northern Alps have been offering such bargains in the hope of attracting new residents to revitalize dying communities.

The deals have made headlines on CNN and beyond, captivating millions of people hooked on the romantic notion of abandoning the metropolitan rat race for a simpler life.

Many of the towns were inundated with inquiries. Phones rang off the hook. Websites creaked under the strain.

But did anyone actually buy? And when they did, what happened next? Did they become ensnared in Italy’s notoriously byzantine bureaucracy?

Did they run smack into the language barrier? Did the houses turn out to be money pits? Did la dolce vita quickly sour, leaving buyers feeling ripped off and despondent?

CNN Travel caught up with some of the pioneering buyers — or “€1 citizens,” as the locals call them — who did what most of us have only been willing to daydream about to discover whether it’s been worth it.

Holiday escape


Morgane Guihot, who hails from near the city of Nantes, France, was among the first buyers to snap up the €1 deals being offered in Mussomeli, a beautiful town deep in the heart of Sicily where narrow, ancient streets cluster around a crumbling hilltop citadel.

The home she and her husband paid pocket change for is intended as a second family home.

Most of the deals do require purchasers to commit to investing in renovations — something which Guihot, 27, and her husband, 31, have wasted no time in getting underway.

They’ve nearly completed restyling their 50-square-meter Mussomeli abode, having painted the walls and fixed the floors.


“We just need to finish the bathroom,” she says. “As we’re both artisans and renovators we did most of the work ourselves, which was minimal, and it was great seeing our two-room house come to life again.

“The 15 square-meter panoramic terrace is fabulous.”

They’ll be using the Sicilian abode, along with their two young children, as a holiday house during Christmas and summer breaks.

“When we decided to invest in a second home, we were lured by the attractive bargain prices in Mussomeli when compared to France’s expensive estate market,” Guihot adds.

“But what conquered us the first time we visited was the charm of the place. It’s super cute and locals are so welcoming.”

While the couple is used to rural living at home near Nantes, the move to Mussomeli has taken them somewhere far quieter.

“Even if it’s not such a big change for us what makes it exciting is the great location,” Guihot says.

“The town is close to beautiful Sicilian destinations and not isolated as opposed to other villages. Here you’ve got everything you need, shops, supermarkets.

“You can lead a cool lifestyle. It’s simply great”.

There were, apparently, no unpleasant surprises.

“Everyone has been real kind and the girls working at the real estate agency followed us every step of the way, helping us with the paperwork and the translation of the deed.

“It went better than expected. And even our home — we thought it would be in a worse shape.

“Oh, we’d do it over and over again.”

While she and her husband are relatively young, they’re already thinking about Mussomeli becoming a retirement haven.

“We’re still very young, who knows. For now it will be our holiday house, that will give us plenty of time to properly learn Italian.”

Bucolic retirement

Patrick Janssen's Mussomeli home

Patrick Janssen opted to buy a more expensive home that needed less work.

While many buyers set out to purchase dilapidated houses with the bargain basement price tag, some have ended up settling for more expensive homes in better shape.

After a long tour of Mussomeli’s €1 buildings, Belgian businessman Patrick Janssen picked a “superior” dwelling at a higher price, which he has now almost completely refurbished.

Like many, he was lured by the coverage of the cheap homes and the prospect of making a life-changing move.

“I’ll be honest, we didn’t buy a €1 house,” he says. “We were shown something like 25 old buildings, some badly in need of repair, so at the end we opted for a three-room decent building for €10,000 and I invested more money in the renovation.”

But it wasn’t just the poor state of the buildings that steered him away from the € end of the scheme.

“I thought, if I buy a nice home, not crumbling down and I neatly fix it making it brand new again, it would last many more ,” Janssen adds.


“My five kids, in 20 years time, would have a house still in perfect shape. If something happens to me, they’ll have a good place where they can live and while they grow up they can come here with their friends.”

For the time being, his plan is also to use it just as a holiday house where the family can spend several weeks or months per year.

“But now, giving it a second thought and after discovering the beauty of the place, it might become my future retirement spot.”

Janssen has made the purchase with long-term plans in mind and weighing many factors, primarily the short distance between his main home in Brussels and Mussomeli.

“Sicily is around the corner. With just a two hours flight we escape from Belgium and reach Catania’s airport. That’s certainly a big plus point if you come from a European country to spend the weekend”.

Mussomeli, when compared with frenetic Brussels, is another world, he says.

“People in Belgium don’t relax. Life here is simpler, the town is cozy and the surrounding nature spellbinding. It’s perfect to recharge one’s batteries and detox”.

Janssen’s house has a panoramic terrace overlooking the old district’s tile rooftops, quaint churches and narrow alleys.

“This corner of Sicily is wild, intact, green, not crowded. It’s a perfect starting point to explore the rest of the island.”

The purchase also went pretty smoothly for Janssen. Paperwork turned out easier than expected, despite Italy’s bad reputation for red tape and excessive regulation.

“Actually, I was quite surprised in finding that buying and renovating a house is so much easier in Sicily than in Belgium”.

Blood ties

Meredith Tabbone in  in front of her new house in Sambuca, one euro home buyer

Meredith Tabbone, who lives in Chicago, put in a bid for two dwellings she’d even visited Sambuca.

Courtesy Meredith Tabbone

For some there was something more powerful than the prospect of a cheap house to entice them — like DNA and ancestry.

Chicago-based financial adviser Meredith Tabbone was among 16 buyers who secured an old dwelling in Sambuca, also in Sicily, which is famous for its Arab-style courtyards.

Tabbone has Sicilian blood running in her veins. Her ancestors came from Sambuca.

After CNN first broke the news in January that local authorities were selling off abandoned buildings to reverse depopulation, the village faced a property stampede.

Interested buyers from all over the world invaded Sambuca, sending thousands of requests.

The mayor, unable to meet sky-high demand and clearly sensing a business opportunity, auctioned the properties to the highest bidder. The houses were sold for up to €25,000 — considerably more than €1, but still a bargain.

Tabbone submitted a bid for two dwellings without even visiting the town.


“When friends forwarded the article I realized that Sambuca happened to be the town where my family is from,” she says.

“My great-grandfather emigrated to the States a long time ago. I had always wanted to visit Sicily but had never been to my hometown. I’d been meaning to go since the past 10 years, never had the chance.”

Tabbone was amazed at finding that her bloodline lives on in its original place.

“I still have relatives living close to my new house, a few blocks away, but I haven’t yet met them. I will next time I go though”.

Tabbone bid €5,555 for each of the two houses and got the one located on a street at No .5.

“Five is my favorite number,” she adds. “That’s why I bid that precise sum and selected that particular house in that spot”.

She did most of her paperwork online and Google-mapped the properties. But after winning the bid in May, she was forced to postpone her first trip until June.

“I had broken my ankle. I bought the house sight unseen”.

Her new dwelling, with three bedrooms, tiled ceilings, curved stairs and two entrances, turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

“It’s different from what I expected,” she said. “I Googled it but had really no idea what it was going to be like. At the end it turned out to be much better than I thought. The balcony is nicer.”


The house currently has no water nor electricity, but for Tabbone it’s “like a blank canvas that I can bring to life with all those beautiful and cute Italian things that make a cozy home.”

The building’s history is an added attraction.

“The ground floor is where the stables were located,” Tabbone says. “In the 1700 to 1800s horses were kept downstairs while families lived on the upper floor. There are still the ropes.”

Tabbone has completed her paperwork and got hold of the blueprints. She’s coordinating with architects on the next steps. It will be a basic restyle.

“People tend to think dealing with the paperwork is complicated. But really, it’s not. It was all very smooth, a very easy process. Everybody was like ‘gosh, it can’t be easy’. But it was.

“You can download and fill in all required documents online, even apply for your new fiscal code to pay for property taxes in Italy. I found the architects on Instagram before setting foot in Sambuca,” she says.

Tabbone says her ultimate goal is to qualify for Italian citizenship and make Sambuca her future retirement home.

“For now I’ll be spending a few months a year. I’m only 40 but have started to think about my future, when I’ll retire from work. People in Sambuca are warm, sweet and kind.”

Overcoming stereotype

While Tabbone may have found the process relatively simple, things have been less smooth sailing for New Yorker Kenny Sanchez, who purchased a home in Zungoli, Campania earlier this year.

Sanchez says he put in a bid on one of the town’s €1 homes on a whim and never thought it would be approved.

“I knew a lot of people would be doing the same and thought I had little chance,” he admits. “I did not expect to be granted a home in Italy. It was quite a surprise.”

Sanchez visited Zungoli during the summer, and says locals were very welcoming.

However, the home he is now the proud owner of may not be habitable for a few years yet.

“The house seemed like it needs a lot of work,” he says. “There are some major things that need to get repaired, including the roof.

“We were able to make the arrangements to renovate it within three years. That time frame should be ample for us to fix the necessary things and make it livable.”

The paperwork side of things has also been moving slowly, which means he hasn’t been able to move forward with any of the repairs.

“We are still waiting for the contract of sale,” he says. “Since we don’t have that yet, we haven’t been unable to start anything.”

Once the renovations are complete, Sanchez plans to travel to Zungoli with his family every year.

“Right now, we are looking to have it as a summer house or a place were we can get some respite from the US in Italy,”

“Zungoli is absolutely beautiful and we’re very excited to have this opportunity. “

Many newcomers are considering settling down for good in Italy.

Another purchaser, UK-based Pakistani businessman Muhammad Ramzan, says he would like to enroll his kids at the local school in Mussomeli.

Like Janssen, he too opted for a slightly more expensive house, which he plans, for now, to use as a summer home for his family.

“Television reports were talking about this appealing initiative, I wanted to take a closer look,” he said. “I had never been to Sicily nor Italy so had no idea what to expect. After seeing the poor conditions of a dozen €1 houses, I decided to spend more and bought one for €4,200 in need of minimal repair.

“It just requires some painting and my dad, who does that as a job, will be taking care of it.”

Ramzan says the real estate agency helped him navigate through the whole process, easing paperwork which took months to complete.

“It can be a bit hard if you come from a different country or area,” Ramzan says. “The agency personnel made it all feel more trustworthy, they were really helpful given I needed a translator and the notary deed had to be drawn up also in English.”

His three-story dwelling in the historical center features a balcony with a great view of Mussomeli’s hilly landscape and the spectacular cliff-hanging fortress, known locally as the Castle in the Sky.

“My wife loves art and the beauty of this place is so inspiring,” he said. “Lovely weather. It’s silent and peaceful.”

He took several trips to Mussomeli before making a final decision.

“I had to see for myself so I met people, the neighbors, we went out for drinks together and became friends. I visited the local school for the kids and took long strolls late at night to see if the place was really safe..

“There’s no mafia, people tell a lot of bad stories. There’s this prejudice that Sicily is all about ‘The Godfather’ movie. But during my nights out I saw no danger, everything was quiet and safe.”

Media Friends Mocked Me When My Zylofon Media-EOCO Case Happened – Arnold Asamoah Baidoo Fumes

The back and forth among actress Yvonne Nelson, blogger Eugene ‘Nkonkonsa’ Osafo and his wife Victoria Lebene witnessed in the area this 7 days and the conversations encompassing it has opened the outdated wounds of renowned amusement pundit, Arnold Asamoah.

Speaking on Peace FM’s leisure critique present hosted by Akwesi Aboagye on Saturday, December 14, Arnold expressed disgust about how quite a few media ‘’ occasionally cover driving the illusion of doing their perform just to mock and pull down colleagues when they are caught in the net of any difficulty.

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Talking about how blogger Nkonkonsa could have been a lot more delicate about the comment he posted that was an assault on the person of Yvonne, Arnold uncovered that his very own colleagues ridiculed him when the Menzgold and EOCO problems arrived up.

Arnold included that listening to most of his media colleagues talk on the issues at the time designed him sense really enraged because he did not count on that from them.

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The former Public Relations Officer of Zylofon Songs, in the close, applied the experience he experienced in the course of that hoping time of his existence, to suggest Nkonkonsa and all media personalities who are in the leisure space to be conscious about how they manage tales that are incredibly sensitive when they occur up.

Angry Ms. Forson Drops More Dirty Things That Happened To Artistes From Ghana At Cardi B Concert – Watch

Black Avenue signed songstress, Ms. Forson gave a extremely electrifying performance at the Cardi B live performance which arrived off on Sunday evening at the Accra Athletics Stadium.

She has, having said that, come out to reveal that just she came up on to the phase to give the followers that wonderful display screen they saw on the night time, several of the prime musicians from the place and herself were taken by literal hell.

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In a video clip has chanced on, the “Libido” singer states that it was on that night time of the live performance that she began to see the feeling in the well-liked stating that the Blackman is his individual enemy.

In accordance to her, the type of remedy some black security males, who are probably Ghanaian gave to the large-title musical artiste in the region just for the reason that Cardi B was sharing the very same stage with them was quite surprising.

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Ms. Forson discloses that the dancers they ended up intended to mount the stage with, ended up prevented from going backstage with them.

She also added that the top rated musicians from Ghana who ended up supposed to conduct had been sacked from the backstage just because Cardi B was about to appear in.

The difficulties of the Cardi B live performance seem not to have an stop. In any case, observe the video clip of Ms. Forson below…

What Happened On June 3rd Will Happen Again If… – Prophet Joseph Sarpong Reveals God’s Warning

Prophet Joseph has discovered a warning indication God unveiled to him about the state .

The head of the Kingdom Of God Victory Bible Church narrated a doom revelation from God to Ghanaian.

Talking in the Kasoa Nyanyano church, he talked God’s warning to Christians pursuing a specific male who is deceiving the masses to a graveyard.

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He additional a information God exposed to him in his desire to explain to the country. In this aspiration, a heavy storm from the Jap and Western borders of the state washed away the country with persons running to help you save their lives.

The male of God interpreted the dream as God’s warning to the country lest the unlucky June 3rd twin disaster happens once

On the 3rd of June 2015, a twin disaster took place in Ghana the place flood and hearth outbreak killed a lot of.

I Stopped Paying Tithe & Nothing Happened To My Finances – Uti Nwachukwu


Media persona Uti Nwachukwu has taken to social media to share some of the matters he stopped undertaking final year, a person which is paying out of tithes.

Replying to a submit by a Twitter person, Uti talked about that he stopped paying his tithe previous calendar year and opposite to feel, his funds are still intact.

Uti went on to point out that not shelling out his tithe has helped him save additional.

The model went on to condition that he was blindly and fearfully spending his tithe back then.

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John Dumelo, Mahama And J.J In One Photo – Guess What Happened?

Former President of the Republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama has compensated a take a look at to his ‘son’ John Dumelo and his grandson Junior Dumelo.

Secretly, we do not know what is going on, but publicly this is the to start with time in a prolonged whilst considering that the two had been spotted collectively.

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In a online video shared by Mrs Dumelo, Mahama is found holding John Dumelo’s son Junior Dumelo as he played with him.

Apparently, the two politicians from the NDC party have an agenda for 2020, former President Dramani Mahama is in search of for re-election as a President although Ghanaian actor John Dumelo would like to be a member of parliament.

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GhanaCelebrities.Com suspects their conference could be anything more than a mere take a look at but we can not state what went on.

But fingers are crossed for any gossip for you! In the meantime chill with the photo and the video clip under

See this submit on Instagram


A post shared by Mrs Dumelo (@missgeeonly) on

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Video – Wizkid Kissed Tiwa, Grinded Her Good Before Even Squeezing Her Bum – A Lot Happened In Dubai!

Nigerian celebrities, especially the musicians, have taken around Dubai at this year’s edition of the A single Africa Music Competition.

Ike ran there to give Mercy firm, Tonto has allegedly been deported and Tiwa and are chopping their normal onstage appreciate.

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Through their general performance at the concert, Wizkid was noticed squeezing Tiwa’s butt as usual. Any time these two satisfy there is fireworks onstage.

But a longer movie from their overall performance reveals they did additional than just that. Their entire functionality was an erotic demonstrate, with kissing, grinding, twerking and what have you.

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Just watch…

Supply: GhanaCelebrities.Com

‘For the Avoidance of Doubt, No Such Thing Happened’ – Presidential Spokesperson Denies Akufo-Addo Has Been Rushed To Nyaho Clinic

A for the President has responded to quickly trending news alleging that Nana Addo has been rushed to the Nyaho Clinic in Accra after slipping unwell.

According to Eugene Arhin, the Conversation Director at the Presidency, no this kind of point occurred.

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In a put up reacting to the news which has unfold like wildfire, Arhin claimed the alleging to be of the President remaining rushed to medical center is an old just one from when the President frequented a unwell NPP formal at the Medical center.

He also explained Nana Addo is at this time not in to tumble unwell and be rushed to Nyaho Clinic.

Read Arhin’s response to the information below…

“This video clip is making the rounds on some social media platforms, and, unsurprisingly, some of our mates from the opposition, are declaring, with glee, that the President was rushed to the Nyaho Clinic. For the avoidance of question, no such transpired.

“The President on Wednesday, 6th November, after commissioning the Ga-East District Medical center, in Kwabenya, en route to Jubilee Home, went to the Nyaho Clinic to stop by Mr. Tommy Amematekpor, a stalwart of the NPP, who is on admission at the Clinic.

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“The President, at the instant, is in Niamey, funds of Niger, attending the ECOWAS Extraordinary Session on Guinea Bissau.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Big Brother Is A Hypocrite – Diane Punched Me In the House But Nothing Happened To Her – Tacha Complains

Symply Tacha is not content with Huge about her disqualification and she carries on to complain about it.

Tacha was just one of the most controversial members of the Huge Brother Pepper Dem Home, often getting into arguments and fights with fellow housemates.

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It arrived as no surprise to anybody that she was eventually disqualified from the exhibit.

Nevertheless, Tacha proceeds to believe she was unfairly addressed, specially in comparison to Mercy who into a combat with her but survived to win the grand prize.

In a latest chat with Daddy Freeze, she attacked Large Brother for staying unfair to her and pointed to Diane as an case in point of a housemate who broke the regulations devoid of being punished.

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Tacha uncovered Diane punched her in the house but Biggie did practically about it.

Observe her full job interview with Daddy Freeze below…

Supply: GhanaCelebrities.Com

‘My Boyfriend Of So Many Years Is Married To Another Lady; He Pretends Nothing Has Happened As He Visits’ – Lady Shares Ordeal

A girl has shared her ordeal on what she describes as unfair treatment on the side of a guy she has been relationship for many a long time.

Narrating her ordeal, she indicated that they have been courting for so several but the man married previous thirty day period powering her back again.

Nevertheless, she noted that the male even now pretends as if almost nothing took place as he still visits her but devoid of his day ring.

The puzzled woman is hurting inside of, not knowing what to do she needs an guidance if she really should confront the person or allow it slide.

Read through her whole message underneath:

“I have been dating this person for a long time, he married very last month devoid of allowing me know but afterwards my bestfriend advised me my guy is married to a different lady. I got damage n heartbroken.

We do chat each individual n each day but I faux I never know what is heading on, we fulfilled a few of occasions but I didn’t see any ring on his finger. Whenever I tell him I enjoy him he will respond he loves me a lot more. Be sure to Ought to I check with him, I’m nervous, harm, n heartbroken💔😔💔😞”



Getting closer to God is the best thing that happened to me

Actress Yvonne Nelson states the ideal issue she has ever finished in her existence is obtaining nearer to God and believing in his word.

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She built this recognized on Twitter when she was interacting with her followers.

Yvonne Nelson was questioned by a follower that ” What is the greatest issue that has ever occurred to you” and the actress replied ” Acquiring nearer to God”.

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Yvonne Nelson in discussions outlined that it will be difficult for her to give quantities on the kind of investments she places into her movies and the returns she can make. Offei-Akoto/2019

OMG! Wendy Shay Hits The Net With A Huge Chest Photo – What Happened?

The Mistress of the ShayGang, Shay has strike the internet with a effective shot to debunk statements of possessing sagged b**bies.

Sister Wendy has heaped up her upper body and her b**bies are looking clean and organization, contrary to her photo that went viral following the Golden Movie Awards.

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We do not know if the actress by this picture is sending a concept to her critics that she’s stunning and she’s in sort or perhaps it’s a coincidence.

Whatever the circumstance is, we hope this photograph does not make the up coming controversy!

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Examine out the image below

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

I Prophesied On Ohemaa Mercy’s Life And It’s Happened – Legendary Music Producer Fred Kyei Mensah

music producer Fred Kyei Mensah has uncovered his prophesy more than gospel sensation
Mercy has indeed materialised.

Speaking at
Ohemaa’s 42nd birthday social gathering, Fredyma recalled how he was wowed when he
met   Ohemaa Mercy 20 years prior in his
recording studio.

He stated 1
Mr. Ampofo he was operating with at the time brought Ohemaa to his studio as a
backing vocalist.

According to
Fredyma, he mentioned this to Ohemaa soon after recognising her talent, “there will
be a time in this state when everyone will listen to of you and your talent”.

Contacting Fred
Kyei Mensah a prophet isn’t much-fetched because Ohemaa Mercy conveniently qualifies
as a person of the most effective issues to come about to the Ghanaian gospel songs business.

about Ohemaa Mercy’s lifestyle and career is a genuine testament to the glory of God.

Ohemaa Mercy’s 42nd surprise birthday which was place with each other by her husband observed loads of cherished ones in attendance.

The party was crowned by the unveiling of a brand name new jaguar as a present from her loving partner Mr. Twum Ampofo.

I’m The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Ghana’s Music – Kwaw Kese Brags

Kwaw Kese isn’t 1 to shy absent from aggrandizement.

He has
stated in an job interview on Adom Television that he is the best point to ever take place to
Ghana Tunes.

In accordance to
him, his capacity to churn out a hit tune like “dondo” following remaining in
the industry for 15 decades is sufficient validation for him to make the declare.

“I am
the very best detail to happen to Ghana songs, just 15 years my tune is the quantity
a single hit tune in the country at the moment. I am the only artiste who is being
in comparison to other major who have produced it in ”, he stated.

The Abodam
strike maker extra he doesn’t treatment about people’s opinions regarding him or his
tune due to the fact his place as “numero uno” is recognised and accepted by

Kwaw is a celebrated artiste who has hits like abodam, odeim amid some others below his belt.

Right after couple
many years of dormancy the madtime entertainment manager introduced “dondo” and
it is making huge waves across the country.

functions Skonti and is made by Tony Gyngz.

Video Emerges from the Scene of Shatta Wale’s Car Crash – See What Happened

now, we reported about Shatta Wale becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident which left his vehicle wrecked.

Wale walked absent unscathed, but the identical simply cannot be mentioned about his car which ended up rather banged up.

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A movie has emerged from the scene of the incident which GhanaCelebrities.Com have laid hands on.

In the online video, we can see the aftermath of the incident, with men and women accumulating close to speaking about what occurred.

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Reports put Rigworld Ghana CEO, Dr Kofi Abban, who mediated the Stonebwoy-Shatta Wale beef, at the scene of the accident. He also escaped unharmed.

Look at this publish on Instagram

Video clip from Wale’s accident scene

A put up shared by GhanaCelebrities.Com (@ghanacelebrity) on

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

After The Insults And Warning, Here’s What Happened When Afia Schwarzenegger Met Zionfelix – Watch Video

Afia on Celeb Experience With

Immediately after raining insults on renowned Ghanaian YouTuber and Blogger, Afia Schwarzenegger and Zion Felix have settled their variations,

Peace eventually prevailed amongst them immediately after they met at the premiere of Tracey Boakye’s ‘Baby Mama’ motion picture at Countrywide Theatre on Thursday, July 25, 2019, in Accra.

A movie from the venue reveals Zion Felix hugging Afia from the again amidst smiles on their faces. Folks current at the also cheered them up with laughter.

“I am at a issue in my lifetime where am carried out with explaining myself to anybody, if you listen to everything about me, kindly be impressive, incorporate your very own to make it spicy n juicy…
My folks are my people…those that dnt like me dnt like me, and truthfully as we all know I never give a fuck …Period.. My mum gave start to a celebrity and hatred cant transform prophecy!!!!
It was great looking at all my blogger brothers healthful n hearty yesterday,” Afia Schwar captioned the video clip she posted on her Instagram website page.

The Afia Schwarzenegger and Zion Felix began just after her previous mate, Mzbel explained her as another person who has have faith in troubles in an interview with Zion on the ‘Uncut Show’.

Enjoy the online video beneath:

What Happened When Police And FDA Arrested Me – Bro Sammy Shares Story

Gospel sensation Brother genuine name Samuel Opoku is incredibly optimistic his “miracle water” will be accepted for sale by the Food and drug administration.

He made headlines not long ago with promises that his “miracle water” could treatment HIV/AIDS and a host of diseases.

He was subsequently arrested by the law enforcement for promotion an unlicensed drug and afterwards granted bail. In his very first interview with In spite of Group’s Akwasi Aboagye soon after his arrest, the musician touted by several as the “nation’s worshipper” said he had comprehensive religion in the success of his “miracle water”. He boldly explained his item as the country’s confident way out of enocomic hardships.

He more referred to as on Ghanaians to pray in purchase to endure he will get the acceptance he needs from the Fda.

When questioned what took place when the law enforcement and the Foods and Drug Authority (Fda) arrested him, Bro Sammy discovered that he was questioned about the “miracle water” and samples had been picked for investigations.

Bro Sammy in a recent job interview with on his ‘Uncut’ display detailed how the ‘miracle water’ is effective for folks with HIV/AIDS and other harmful conditions.

Effectively needs are undoubtedly in get for the pretty outspoken musician.