Joe Boampong Releases “Jesus new dance challenge,” New Single & Video

Actress Zynnel Zuh Sponsors Ghana Jesus With A New Wig

Ghanaian actress Zynnel Zuh has promised to alter Mmebusem’s ( ) worn out wig for a new a person from Very first Choice.

This arrives immediately after enthusiasts complained that the wig does not fit that of Jesus’ and it looks far too dry and previous to be on Jesus’s head.

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Actress Zynnel Zuh, recognised for her large-class vogue took to the post to assure a new wig for Ghana Jesus.

Ghana Jesus requires a new wig. I want to sponsor him with a new senak hair wig from Initially Alternative. Pls convey to him.’ she wrote.

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In my watch, Ghana Jesus needs a total makeover, his dress and shoulder band are all far too outdated.

See photo below

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Satisfied Ghana Jesus 🙏 @official_mmebusem

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Chief Inspector Adzakpo Out With ‘Don’t Blame Jesus’

Chief Christian Adzakpo

Gospel artiste Main Inspector Christian Adzakpo, who
declared his existence in the gospel audio scene a 10 years back, is set to
launch his third album titled ‘Really don’t

This 8-observe album which seeks to inspire
Christians and folks from all walks of everyday living to appreciate the work of God would
be all set for all electronic obtain platforms these kinds of as Deezer, Amazon and iTunes from January following yr.

‘Don’t Blame Jesus’ is a compilation of soul-touching melodies and a
few of danceable tunes like ‘God Is Good’, ‘God Enjoys You’, among some others.

Although the gospel artiste is
optimistic the results of the entire album, he is fully in really like with ‘God Enjoys You’, which he thinks would make
the most effects.

Chief Inspector Adzakpo
would embark on a three-city tour right after the album start to entertain his lovers.

The gospel singer, who
hails from Anloga in the Volta Location, joined to the tunes scene in 2008 with ‘Aseda’, which performed well on the

You Can Mock, Insult Jesus But…

DISCIPLES OF Christ should really not
be amazed to see unbelievers burn off copies of the Holy Bible or use it as
ashtray.  We are not known as to condemn
the dropped, but to preserve them from the managing electric power of sin, and the prince of
electric power of the air, the spirit that functions in the sons of disobedience. We
ourselves at the time lived as enemies of the cross of Christ (Romans 5:10). We
uttered all method of blasphemous words versus the Lord. Others essentially got
the Disciples of Christ arrested, overwhelmed and killed.

Scripturally, Saul, aka Paul,
considerably persecuted the early Disciples of Jesus Christ for months until a working day
the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him, and referred to as him to be a preacher of the gospel
(Acts 9:1-7). In that supernatural face, Jesus designed Saul to comprehend
that an assault on the Church is an assault on Him personally. Luke wrote: “And
falling to the ground he read a voice stating to him, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you
persecuting me. And he explained, ‘Who are you, Lord?  And he claimed, I am Jesus, whom you are
persecuting” (Functions 9:4-6).

Why would an assault on the
Disciples of Christ Jesus be an assault on the Lord Himself? This is since the
Church, the elect of God, is the Physique of Christ. Later on, after his salvation and
staying appointed an apostle, Paul admitted his hatred for Jesus, describing his
conduct as blasphemous, injurious and persecutory. But the born once more Pharisee
from the tribe of Benjamin, who experienced received God’s mercy, had a coronary heart-relaxing
confession to make. He wrote in his first letter to Timothy, “…I experienced acted
ignorantly in unbelief” (1 Timothy 1:13).

As heirs of the Kingdom of God,
we must normally be guided by the confession of Paul in our dealings with
unbelievers. When you hear folks insult, mock, denigrate, scoff at or reject
Jesus Christ, you need to quickly recognize in which they stand. They stand in the
planet of ignorance which triggers unbelief. All unbelievers are trapped in the
environment of darkness divided from the lifestyle of light-weight of God. They cannot see the
glory of the gospel and recognize the mystery of Christ Jesus until eventually they
receive mercy as Paul did and acquire revelation of Jesus Christ.

Our merciful God understands
that unbelievers are slaves of unrighteousness captured by the devil to do his
will. And it is for this purpose Jesus Christ arrived into the globe. He came not
to condemn, but to save the shed. He came not to demolish, but to create and give
abundant life to all those who would consider in Him. Jesus Christ came into the
world not to administer fast justice, but to give sinners the prospect to
listen to the concept of truth and grace for their salvation.

Jesus Christ is client,
tolerant, loving and type He is gradual to anger. He wishes that numerous men and women
all over the planet receive everlasting salvation for their souls. It is for this
cause He does not quickly decide and kill persons who ridicule Him, insult
Him, blaspheme against Him and reject Him. Christ is tolerant even in the confront
of common mockery of His identify His enjoy stays regular and unchanging.
Christ Jesus is not perturbed about sinful man’s blasphemies from Him.

“… I notify you, each and every sin and
blasphemy will be forgiven persons, but the blasphemy towards the Spirit will
not be forgiven. And whoever speaks a term against the Son of Person will be
forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven,
both in this age or in the age to come” (Matthew 12:22-32). You see, Jesus
Christ does not hold any grudge towards mockers He essentially forgives them.

It is pretty sad how some
unbelievers publish vile tales against Jesus Christ in the media. They deny
His existence and libel His holy name. They also insult pastors and all
Disciples of Christ Jesus frequently, make pleasurable of them and contemptibly mimic
their tongue-talking. Others destroy believers just for their religion in Christ
Jesus. These they do just to see if Jesus Christ truly exists, and that He
would right away punish them. But they are misplaced folks, who do not know Jesus
like Saul, they act ignorantly in unbelief.

The Lord Jesus does not remedy
His critics the way sinful gentlemen and girls do in the world. He does not fork out evil
for evil in this world. The apostle Peter testified that, “He did not retaliate
when he was insulted, nor threaten revenge when he suffered. He remaining his scenario
in the palms of God, who normally judges fairly” (1 Peter 2:23). The
Isaiah prophesying relating to the struggling of Christ Jesus said, “He was
oppressed, and he was troubled, nevertheless he opened not his mouth…” (Isaiah 53:7).

Our Saviour is light and
humble He is not violent, but affected individual and tolerant with a fantastic want to see
sinners repent. He does not delight in the death of a sinner. Consequently when Christ
Jesus is ridiculed, insulted and humiliated, He often remains silent, and
rather prays for His haters and persecutors to be pardoned, forgiven and saved.
Even when hanging on the cross in excellent anguish as blood oozed Him, Jesus
prayed. “… Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34).

Nevertheless, there will arrive a Working day
of Judgment when He will have no mercy for the unrepentant sinner, mocker and
scornful. “The situations of ignorance God ignored, but now he instructions all
people just about everywhere to repent, simply because he has preset a working day on which he will choose
the globe in righteousness…” (Functions 17:30) 

On that day, all peoples of the earth together with kings, queens, presidents, premiers, governors, parliamentarians, heads of protection expert services and researchers will be dragged just before Him. There shall be found the possessor of genuine energy and authority to punish disobedience and reward obedience. Blessed is the individual who will be uncovered blameless on that working day.

By James Quansah

Mmebusem Questions Komfuor Koleege For Shooting Jesus Christ Short Skit

Kumawood actor, Collins Oteng Duah, popularly identified as Komfo Koleege has discovered he was questioned by ( ) after he shot a online perceived to be a copy of the skit the latter has been making.

Koleege, who prides himself as a electronic fetish priest instructed Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’ that his explanation to Mmebusem was were being recognized and they hold no grudges.

He hinted that equally have agreed to operate on some sequence with each other.

Komfo Koleege discussed the online video which triggered Mmebusem’s mobile phone contact to him was not an imitation of his ‘Ghana Jesus’ will work but just a mere advert.

In accordance to him, the ‘Guy Jesus’ advert was shot for KK Peprah roofing enterprise and it is significantly from what Mmebusem has been accomplishing.

He insisted on his unreadiness to imitate any person inside the Ghanaian motion picture business.

From his narration, it appears Mmebusem will do nearly anything to safeguard his ‘Ghana Jesus’ manufacturer.

Watch the comprehensive interview beneath.

Stop Mocking Jesus Christ, Judgement Awaits You – Pastor To Mmebusem

Rev Seth Acquah Harrison

The comedy skits of actor Justice Hymns, popularly recognized as , which imitates the lifetime of is undoubtedly not likely down very well with numerous pastors in Ghana.

The lastest person of God to add his voice to the phone calls on the actor to make absolutely sure he stops these comedy skits is the leader of Christ Ambassadors Church in Kumasi, Rev Seth Acquah Harrison.

Rev Seth has stated that even although what Mmebusem is executing in his comedy skits are not blasphemous, they total to a mockery of Jesus Christ, which is pretty incorrect.

The gentleman of God in a chat with Zionfelix all through his ‘Brunch2Lunch’ exhibit on Radio Universe mentioned that in as substantially as the God has a good deal of grace on his young children for which reason he makes it possible for several issues to go on for a while ahead of he reacts, the actor need to be wary since he will be judged by what he is undertaking.

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He quoted 1 Peter 3: 15-16 in his ending remarks and told the Kumawood actor to recommend himself about the Jesus films ahead of it is far too late.

View the interview of Zionfelix and Rev Seth below…

Mmebusem Ghana Jesus Saga: Prophet Sampson Amoateng Defends Junior Brother, Brian Amoateng

Sampson Amoateng – Founder and Leader of Dwelling of Miracle Ministries All over the world

The founder of the International Youth Empowerment Summit (IYES), Brian Amoateng very last 7 days took to his Instagram deal with to criticize actor for his ‘Ghana Jesus’ skit stating that the actor’s actions amounted to mockery and cautioned that God simply cannot be mocked in the title of comedy.

In as substantially as the gentleman of God came under a barrage of criticisms for his comment on social media, his elder brother who is also the chief of House of Wonder Ministry, Prophet Sampson Amoateng has backed up the reviews of his brother in a chat with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut Show’ when he was at the Nsawam prison to make a donation .

Prophet Sampson said that he was not going to be judgemental about whether or not Mmebusem is carrying out suitable or wrong but his big complications lie in the simple fact that the actor has decided to use the title Jesus for these comedy skits.

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In accordance to him, the scripture states categorically that the title Jesus is particular, and as this kind of, it has been offered to only a single male, who is the son of the creator of heaven and earth and not any distinctive guy.

Enjoy the clip of Prophet Sampson in the chat with Zionfelix below…

‘I Don’t Know Why People Make So Much Noise About Jesus Christ’- Ambolley

The gentleman frequently credited to be the pioneer of rap songs in Ghana, Gyedu Blay Ambulley has forged a slur on the most essential figure in Christianity- Jesus .

The Higher-daily life good spoke to Course FM wherever he manufactured his religious inclination recognized stuffed with what I know the zealots will interpret as sacrilegious.

He challenged the authority of Jesus Christ and function he plays in Christianity which has been ascribed to all his followers.

He explained:

are saying Jesus is God. It is like this formation of the white persons that has been brought to us but we mustn’t forget that all of us went the missionary schools all the faculties that we went to, Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, all ended up set up by the missionaries, so, they taught us what they desired us to know”.

Ambolley extra that Jesus is not God and can not seem to wrap his head about the reason folks search for the confront of God through him.

“I believe that in becoming truthful to myself, I believe that I cannot say Jesus is God or if I want to pray to the creator, I have to pray to the creator by way of Jesus. t’s just like [being in] a relatives that you’re not at peace with your father, so, if you want nearly anything from your father, perhaps you go as a result of your brother or you go by way of your sister simply because you cannot go straight to your father for the reason that of your misbehaving, so, now you want to use anyone to get by means of to your father.”

The singer claimed the environment was in order when he was born as a result he finds no will need to have an intermediary when he desires to petition his creator.

“Me, if I want everything, I go straight to my creator, I’m never ever heading to go via Jesus for what? Before I came into this planet, every thing was in order when I leave this world, the purchase is still heading to be the same, I’m not heading to say anyone has come so [I have to pray through him] mainly because I see Jesus as a instructor a instructor that he has told you that if you want to go to God, this is the way he has completed his job”, Ambolley argued.

He, for that reason, questioned why men and women make so significantly sounds about Jesus in church buildings.

“Now, people today are generally crying: ‘In the identify of Jesus’. Individuals in the churches are applying microphones and speakers [disturbing everybody]. It is like nearly anything they want from the father now, they are talking by way of microphones and speakers for everyone to know what they want and even the Jesus that we are conversing about stated: ‘If you want to have any collaboration with your father, go to your room and speak with your father one particular-on-a single. It’s not that you just take a microphone and ‘gbegbegbegbegbe’. Look at exactly where religion is going now. Now people are making use of religion to make them selves abundant and all that they’ve neglected that dollars is not the key”, he extra.


I Don’t Believe Jesus Is The Same As God – Ambolley

Famous Hiplife artist Gyedu-Blay Ambolley has stated categorically that he thinks is not God.

For this explanation, the Afro-Jazz musician claims he prays specifically to God and hardly ever by Jesus.

Showing as a guest on Course FM on Saturday, November 30, 2019, he reported, “It’s like this formation of the white individuals that has been introduced to us but we mustn’t overlook that all of us went by the missionary universities all the faculties that we went to, Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, all have been recognized by the missionaries, so, they taught us what they wanted us to know”.

When questioned if he thought Jesus is God, Ambolley answered : “I believe that in becoming truthful to myself, I believe that I simply cannot say Jesus is God or if I want to pray to the creator, I have to pray to the creator via Jesus”.

“It’s just like [being in] a household that you’re not at peace with your father, so, if you want everything from your father, perhaps you move by means of your brother or you go via your sister for the reason that you just cannot go straight to your father since of your misbehaving, so, now you want to use somebody” he further more claimed.

“Me, if I want nearly anything, I go straight to my creator, I’m by no means likely to go through Jesus for what?” he asked, incorporating: “Before I arrived into this planet, every thing was in purchase when I go away this globe, the order is even now going to be the same, I’m not going to say anyone has come so [I have to pray through him] mainly because I see Jesus as a instructor a instructor that he has explained to you that if you want to go to God, this is the way he has concluded his job”, Ambolley argued.

He could not fathom why Christians make so significantly noise Jesus in churches.

“Now, men and women are often crying: ‘In the title of Jesus’. Men and women in the church buildings are using microphones and speakers [disturbing everybody]. It is like something they want from the father now, they are talking through microphones and speakers for every person to know what they want and even the Jesus that we are chatting about reported: ‘If you want to have any collaboration with your father, go to your area and discuss with your father just one-on-a person. It is not that you get a microphone and ‘gbegbegbegbegbe’. Seem at where by faith is heading now. Now people are utilizing faith to make by themselves prosperous and all that they’ve neglected that dollars is not the key”, he said.

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley is a Ghanaian highlife musician, songwriter, producer, and composer. The very first musician from Ghana to formally integrate rap types into community highlife rhythms, Ambolley developed the musical style Simigwa.
In June 2015 Ambolley acquired a quotation in the United states of america from the Town Council of Philadelphia, examine by Council lady Honorable Jannie Blackwell and Hon. Stanley J. Staughter in recognition of the musician’s contributions to Ghanaian audio in the United states of america.

The 72-yr-aged was rather unknown outside the house of West Africa until finally Soundway Information incorporated his seminal Simigwa-Do, which Ambolley produced in 1973, on their very first anthology, Ghana Soundz.

Ambolley’s audio has led several to label him the godfather of hiplife, the fusion of the hip hop and highlife idioms. Ambolley stood aside AL Threats at the Playboy Jazz Festival in Los Angeles.His tune Simigua-do is considered the very first rap in the entire world produced in 1973 . Ambolley, Sammy Lartey and Ebo Taylor are the few musicians who envisioned a upcoming for substantial-lifetime music in the late 60s and early 70s and assisted transform the genre fusing higher-daily life, funk and jazz music.

Why Should I Pray To God Through Jesus Christ For What? – Gyedu Blay Ambolley

Afro-jazz and highlife legend -Blay Ambolley has disclosed that he don’t pray by means of Jesus Christ to God but somewhat Prays straight to God.

In accordance to him, Jesus Christ is a teacher and he isn’t God so he goes directly to God for regardless of what he wishes.

are expressing Jesus is God” It is like this formation of the white today that has been brought to us but we mustn’t ignore that all of us went through the missionary faculties all the educational institutions that we went to, Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, all were recognized by the missionaries, so, they taught us what they wanted us to know”.

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Working with the family members as an example he mentioned

“It’s just like [being in] a family that you are not at peace with your father, so, if you want anything from your father, perhaps you go as a result of your brother or you pass by your sister for the reason that you simply cannot go straight to your father mainly because of your misbehaving, so, now you want to use somebody” to get by way of to your father.

“Me, if I want just about anything, I go straight to my creator, I’m hardly ever going to go as a result of Jesus for what?” he questioned, introducing: “Before I came into this entire world, every little thing was in get when I go away this globe, the order is continue to going to be the same, I’m not likely to say anyone has occur so [I have to pray through him] because I see Jesus as a trainer a teacher that he has explained to you that if you want to go to God, this is the way he has completed his job”,

He even more stated that “I believe in currently being truthful to myself, I believe that I are not able to say Jesus is God or if I want to pray to the creator, I have to pray to the creator through Jesus”.

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He, also wondered why persons make so significantly sounds about Jesus in churches.

“Now, people are usually crying: ‘In the name of Jesus’. Persons in the churches are utilizing microphones and speakers [disturbing everybody]. It is like nearly anything they want from the father now, they are talking by microphones and speakers for everyone to know what they want and even the Jesus that we are chatting about mentioned: ‘If you want to have any collaboration with your father, go to your space and converse with your father 1-on-one. It’s not that you take a microphone and ‘gbegbegbegbegbe’. Appear at the place faith is likely now. Now people today are using religion to make them selves prosperous and all that they’ve forgotten that revenue is not the key”, he explained.

He manufactured all these acknowledged on Course Fm in an interview.

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Leave Mmebusem Alone, If What He is Doing Is Truly A Mockery, Let Jesus Fight His Own Fight

Well known Ghanaian musician, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah recognized in the showbiz circles as has reacted to a latest post by the founder and leader of London Prayer Centre, Pastor Brian Boatemg & actress Joselyn Dumas around Mmebusem Ghana Jesus.

Reacting to the submit, the “16 years” hitmaker indicated that Jesus really should struggle his very own if indeed Mmebusem is mocking him.

The musician included that the comedian actor really should be still left to go on with his hilarious performs.

Mzbel wrote “If this is actually a mockery let Jesus struggle his individual struggle! Are living Mmebusem alone ah!”

See comment below

This comes soon after Pastor Brian Boateng in am Instagram article warmed Mmebusem to set an finish to this madness mainly because he is generating a mockery of Jesus.

Renowned actress and tv character Joselyn Dumas also supported the pastor’s comment describing it as blasphemous.

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Allow Jesus Fight His Own Fight If Indeed Mmebusem Is Blaspheming – Mzbel

Ghanaian , singer and entrepreneur Belinda Nana Akuah Amoah has questioned Ghanaians to go away Kumawood actor Mmebusem by yourself.

She reported this even though reacting to criticism about Mmebusem’s ‘ Jesus’ skit.

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In accordance to a put up she made on Zion Felix’s Instagram site, she mentioned Ghanaians ought to Jesus Christ to combat his possess battle if its a mockery in opposition to him.

“If this is definitely a mockery let Jesus battle his own combat! Mmebusem by itself ah!” she wrote.

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Let Jesus Fight His Own Fight If Indeed Mmebusem Is Mocking Him – Mzbel Hits Hard At Pastor Brian Amoateng

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Belinda Nana Akua Amoah, popularly regarded as Mzbel, has replied to Pastor Brian Amoateng’s criticism about Mmbusem’s ‘Ghana Jesus’ skit.

In a article on Instagram, Brian cited Mmebusem’s actions as a mockery to God and charged the Christian Youth in the state not to sit aloof for their God to be mocked.

Immediately after his publish has been shared on Zionfelix’s Instagram webpage, the ’16 Years’ singer in a disproof told the Guy of God and some others criticizing the operates of the actor to depart him by yourself.

She maintained that they should enable Jesus fight his have fight if it is a mockery.

Mzbel wrote: “If this is definitely a Mockery permit Jesus struggle his have combat! Depart Mmebusem by itself ah!”

Ghana Jesus Mmebusem Cracks Ribs With Another Funny Video Featuring Joey B

Kumawood actor turned Ghana Mmebusem has unveiled rib-cracking clip.

This time, the actor capabilities Ghanaian musician Joey B.

In the online video, Joey B was caught stealing – Mmebusem, Jesus’ disciple encouraged he be punished but he disagreed, noting he is also a youngster of God.

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Nevertheless, Mmebusem observed he would have issued a critical punishment if was Yaa Pono who was caught thieving.

In accordance to him, he would have questioned him to weed the full spot and burn off the weeds.

Check out the video clip down below

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Perspective this publish on Instagram

@official_mmebusem 😂😂😂

A publish shared by Russell Coded (@coded4x4) on

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Why Unbelievers Doubt The Existence Of Jesus

THE BIBLE teaches
that there are two major groups of folks living on the earth—Christians
and non-Christians. Scripturally, non-Christians are typically referred to as the
world in other terms men and women and devices which are not in and of Jesus Christ.
Christians have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour they have a
relationship with Him and are living by His teachings. It is so composed that
Christians are in the environment, but not of the planet.

Now, Christians
imagine and confess that Jesus Christ, the Creator Son of God, took on the type
of guy and arrived into the planet to minister. He died, was buried and elevated from
the lifeless, and lives forevermore. But the earth disputes that the story
Christ’s resurrection was concocted by His disciples to deceive folks. The
apostle Paul confronted critics like that in the Corinthian church he insisted that
Christ was certainly elevated from the lifeless and that there is resurrection of the

“Now if Christ is
proclaimed as lifted from the useless, how can some of you say that there is no
resurrection of the lifeless? But if there is no resurrection of the lifeless, then not
even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been lifted, then our
preaching is in vain and your religion is in vain…But, in fact, Christ has been
raised from the useless, the firstfruits of who have fallen asleep” (1
Corinthians 15:12-20).

Now, the disciples
have usually insisted that Christ was lifted from the lifeless and lives eternally. As
it is, who is telling the fact or lie? Realize that each party has a sound
thoughts but with a good variance about revelatory knowledge and face.
So now, the way out is the provision of proof that without a doubt Christ Jesus was
raised from the useless.

It is critical for
us to value the point that typical functioning human beings will not protect
Christ Jesus to the extent of dying for Him if they have no conviction of the
genuineness of the proof of His resurrection from the lifeless. The disciples of
Christ experienced evidence of His resurrection so they did not worry to die for their
faith in Him. 

It ought to be stated
that the resurrection of Christ Jesus is the usefulness of the preaching of the
gospel. It is the usefulness of our religion in Christ. By it, people today who die in
the Lord shall be found. Christ’s resurrection can make believers and see
beyond the matters of the globe. It is the reason for combating the excellent combat of
the faith, enduring trials of a variety of sorts and the resurrection is the cause
we shun hedonism, and embrace temperance.

the issue with the unbelievers is that they are completely ignorant about the
proof accurate Christians have about the existence of Jesus Christ, and they
can’t have it until they turn into genuine Christians.

The purpose is that just before the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, He experienced spoken to
His disciples about the coming of the Holy Spirit to be with them following
His dying. He built it obvious that the world, i.e. non-Christians, would not see
Him once more soon after His demise, but His disciples would.

Christ claimed, “I will
not depart you as orphans I will appear to you. Still, a minimal while and the entire world
will see me no additional, but you will see me. Simply because I dwell, you also will live”
(John 14:18-19).

The expression “a
minor while” in the verse of Scripture previously mentioned signifies a small period of time of time, and
Jesus claimed from that small interval of time ahead the globe would see Him no
extra. That suggests the globe experienced observed Jesus ahead of. It observed Him physically the job
as a carpenter, and later on preaching the Kingdom of God and healing the ill.
Even so, Christ stated, “In a small while” the entire world would see Him no far more, but
Christians would see Him both spiritually and physically following His

Now, what Christ had
spoken ought to be fulfilled. The Lord had claimed the world would see Him no
far more, but His disciples would see Him. And actually the disciples observed Him (1
Corinthians 15:3-8). How then should it be astonishing to unbelievers if they
simply cannot see or hear from Him, after His resurrection? It must be recognized that
the appearances of Christ to His disciples is a achievement of prophecy.

Nowadays, there are
innumerable Christians who have supernaturally observed or encountered Christ Jesus.
I have also. I encountered Him when He laid His arms on my head in a dream and
healed me of a weird deadly illness that even medics at Komfo Anokye Instructing
Healthcare facility (KATH) could not diagnose in 2016. My religion in the Lord Jesus
increased drastically immediately after that supernatural come upon. As a final result, currently, I
require no one’s argument about the existence or deity of Jesus Christ.

Jesus life He
seems to men and women in a variety of sections of the earth by His sovereign will, energy
and preference. In reality, there have been situations when Christ Jesus has even
appeared to some unbelievers at His have sovereign will to establish His existence
to them. Jesus Christ appears to persons supernaturally in visions, goals and
trances. At other moments, He appears to some persons bodily and speaks to

In Galatians 4:6, the
Bible says, “And simply because you are sons, God has despatched the Spirit of His Son into
your hearts, crying out, Abba Father!” This indicates a human being who hears the gospel
of Jesus Christ, thinks in Him, and gets the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of
Christ, to dwell in him or her has indirectly noticed or encountered Jesus Christ.

In other words, the coming of the Holy Spirit to dwell in and upon believers is the coming of Jesus Christ, who lives as a Spirit currently being. Unbelievers are unable to have and fully grasp these activities except they sincerely feel in the risen Lord and Saviour.

By James Quansah


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Download: Testimony Jaga Releases Hit Single & Music Video “JESUS” (@TestimonyNaija)

Fuji-pop Artiste Testimony Mr Jaga is one of the brightest persons who has lightened up the gospel new marketplace this calendar year 2019. Having no breaks in dishing out new hits, the Nigerian Gospel Minister has unveiled a soul-stirring new JESUS,” created by NIYI P – a person of Nigeria’s best and prolific music producers.

Testimony Jaga, identified for his Highlife and Fuji-Pop fashion of music was the center of attraction this past Sunday at the 2019 LoveWorld Intercontinental Songs and Arts (LIMA) Awards ceremony, the place he gained the “Artist of the Calendar year,” “Top 20 Songs of the Year” and “ Music Of The Year” (protostar category). It was an psychological moment as Testimony and associates of the Testifiers Band took the phase to acquire the award from the President of LoveWorld Inc., Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome.

In celebration of his newest accomplishment, the energetic singer made the decision to fall this new strike “Jesus” owing to well known desire. The track which was very first performed at the LIMA Awards evening moved the total congregation and prime leaders of the church together with Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome to tears and the solemn realization of the faithfulness of God, sparking eager anticipation of the music launch from multitudes.

Accompanied with the dwell overall performance video clip, “JESUS” will certainly make your playlist as 2019 slowly comes to a close. The blessed keep track of is Combined & Mastered by J-MOSES.


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Stop Making Fun Of Jesus Christ – New Ghana Jesus To Mmebusem

Actor Kobby One has slammed and recommended fellow actor
to desist from Jesus in his skits.

Mmebusem who till lately played the purpose of “
Jesus” in strike collection “boys abre” has been criticised closely for
his humorous portrayal of Jesus.

Mmebusem has been releasing skits just after he left the award
winning collection next a tumble out with Salinko who is the producer of the

Kobby One particular has been cast to switch mmebusem as “Ghana
Jesus” and he is hell bent on executing so devoid of comedy.

In an interview with Zionfelix uncut, the actor expressed
his displeasure at Mmebusem for combining the sacred term of God with comedy.

He uncovered he belonged to the section of the general public that
condemn Mmebusem for his portrayal.

He even further cautioned Mmebusem to quit mocking Jesus for the reason that He is sacred and the phrase of God can not be misquoted.