Inside University’s Lecturers “cold room”; where the girls are “smooched”

You will have to grow to be an “obedient”  fish and you will have to continue to be refreshing for “smooching and kissing”, if you are a “fine girl”, but is “struggling”, and you want to make the 4 many years journey of attaining a degree through the prestigious College in West Africa.

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A chilling documentary  of ‘sex for grades’, an exposé produced by BBC Africa Eye has indicated that from the College of Lagos (UniLag) just take delight in groping their female pupils.

Lecturers at UniLag, so generous and considerate, have
specified a complete place, so chilly, to protect the “benefits” of “fine ”,
who “pay with their bodies”, for “not for cost-free fantastic grades” and other favours
from their professors.

A randy senior Lecturer at the College of Arts and a previous
Sub-Dean of UniLag, Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, the unofficial porter at the “cold
room”, is aware the place from all corners and has shamelessly been describing the
episodes behind the doors of the personnel club house’s higher flooring, exactly
lecturers “kiss, smooch, romance and touch the breasts of students”.

“There’s an higher part of the personnel club there wherever
lecturers, when they just take the girls there, they go there to go and smooch them,
and romance them” “to smooch, touch their breasts, touch up their body. “It’s
a club, so they contact it the “cold place the  club house”, the lustful pastor explained to
a seventeen year-aged girl who wished an admission into UniLag.

In subsequent conferences, he would go on to convert his workplace
into a second “cold room”, to allow her into the “experience”, his victims go
by means of.

“How outdated are you? 17 and you search pretty huge like this? Do you
know you are a lovely female? Do you know I am a pastor and I am in my
fifties? What would shock you is that even at my age now if I want a woman of
your age, a 17-calendar year-aged all I want is sweet tongue[talk] and put some revenue in
her hand and get her”, he bragged.

On the closing meeting, Dr Pastor Boniface enacts a usual
cold home experience “be obedient I want to immediate you adequately, so you
achieve your intention your intention of getting admission. Do you want me to kiss you?
Respond to. Do you want me to kiss you? No I’m not chatting about you kissing me if
you want me to kiss you, swap off this mild, lock the doorway. I’ll kiss you
for a person moment. That’s what comes about in the chilly room”.

According to  the documentary that has a captured Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor a lecturer at the Department of Teacher Education of the School of Training and Management at the College of Ghana wooing a woman scholar, it seems Dr Boniface Igbeneghu is a much better master at coaxing “vulnerable great girls”, in some of West Africa’s most prestigious universities.

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BBC Africa Eye is premiered the documentary on October 7,
2019, which has fingered many lecturers whose key inventory in trade is getting
gorgeous feminine pupils laid in return for grades. Amagyei Naaso/2019

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