Welocme to http://ghtimesonline.com. You are here to read about us because like many Ghanaians all over the world, you want to know those behind this fast-rising portal revolutionizing news and news reporting in Ghana, and for Ghanaians in the diaspora.

Every month, hundreds of thousands to millions of Ghanaians, home and abroad, who value quality and balance in news, visit http://ghtimesonline.com”directly and through the many websites that source their news from us, making us a trusted source of all-round news on the go.

At http://ghtimesonline.com  we seek to give our readers balanced, credible and neutral news from across Ghana and the world. We cover Politics, Business, Entertainment, Sports, among others.

As we expand, we have developed a network of reporters, correspondents who are placed in all the regions of Ghana and trained on fair reportage, balance, ethics, and importantly, neutrality which lies at the core of our work at http://ghtimesonline.com We just report the truth, no matter its colour, or who is involved.

We strive to get our news right 110% of the time. We don’t pull down stories once they are published and it is the truth.

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